Move Nourish Believe: Week 2

#1 I’m exhausted, so forgive any spelling/grammar “misteaks”. (haha, I’m hilarious)

This week’s challenges focused on “Nourish” you can join us for the “believe” week by joining the facebook event.

I wasn’t in love with how to search for recipes, but am dreaming of making the superbowl recipes! (even if the superbowl is over).

Monday: Meatless! Over the weekend I had made a buffalo chicken soup, but once I made it, I realized that if I had added chickpeas instead of chicken, this easily could have been a vegetarian soup!

Tuesday: Take Your Lunch to Work day! I usually do this anyways, my biggest trick is to add raw spinach on top of leftovers, when you microwave the spinach wilts and adds great iron and other nutrients.

Wednesday: Was all about writing down the food you eat, it is a great idea, but so hard for me to do on a regular basis. After this food indulgent weekend, I’ll definitely be continuing it to help me get back on track!

Thursday was smoothie day: I love smoothies in the summer, but in the winter it can be a struggle to include them in my life. I drink herbalife occasionally and love that I can portion out the protein powder and just add water and shake when I’m ready to drink.

I left town on Thursday afternoon to attend the State Dance Tournament for Minnesota so I had to get creative with Friday’s go RAW challenge. Ultimately, I would love to make this recipe but since I was traveling, I brought pistachios as a healthy snack to slow the mindless munching.

Thank you Lorna Jane and Fit Approach for sponsoring this challenge, I really hope I win 🙂



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