Swim Session 4: Forwards and Backwards

After my indoor triathlon last week, my next scheduled session with coach was on Thursday. However since I only swam 10 minutes during the tri, I knew I needed a little more work on my strokes. So I got up early Tuesday morning and swam, and even managed to get on the treadmill for 15 minutes afterwards! I felt like a rockstar!

The good feelings continued onto Thursday when I was with my coach again. At the end of our workout he had me swim 50 and counted my strokes. Remember, two weeks ago I was super struggling. It didn’t matter what I did, I would have 20-22 strokes per 25 yards. Somehow…..My first 25 was 16 strokes, and my second 25 was 15 strokes! I found the sweet spot. I put it all together! I was on cloud nine.

And then there was Sunday….the Y mentioned on Facebook that they were hosting an extreme workout, 60 minute swim, 90 minute spin, 60 minute sculpt, one event for $5, two or all three events for $10. I was pumped! I signed up for the swim and the spin, but skipped the sculpt since I was teaching in the afternoon Sunday. I showed up at the Y ready to swim at 5 am.

And realized that we were doing an actual swim workout. Not a work on strokes session like I’ve been doing. Of course everyone else who was there are actual triathletes. It was all well and good at first. Until I realized my stroke count was back in the 20s. I was tired, and trying to move my arms more to keep up, which was only making me more tired. So I slowed down. We were supposed to do a 25 backstroke to work on kick, and then swim back, instead I used my kick board for 50.

I workout for ….

The spin was also a learning curve. The instructor said our hamstrings should be activated, I could only feel it in my quads. It was a good workout for me to have, because it showed me that I still have a long ways to go.

The good news is, I did it all on Sunday, which meant that Tuesday I could have a day off! I love rest days!

Have you had a workout that humbled you lately? Did you love it? (or hate it)?


  1. Way to get out there and do it! I can totally relate, I’ve been getting humbled by workouts a lot lately via Nike Training Club app. Similar to what you said, as much as I realize I’m not as strong or fast as I thought I was it reminds me WHY I need to continue working out. The successes are so worth the journey though! 🙂

  2. Way to go! Swim workouts are intense!!!!! Good job finishing and I can’t believe after 60 minutes of swimming you were able to do a 90 minute spin class!!! Awesome job!

  3. You ARE a rockstar!! This reminded me of the book I just finished called “The Great Swim”. It was about the first woman to swim across the English Channel and beat the record, which was a big deal back in the 30’s because she was a young American girl. It was a great inspiring book which made me think maybe I can tackle swimming! Just not for 13 or more hours like those ladies..

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