Swim Session 3: Practice and Tri

We’re officially half way through my swim sessions! In case you missed, here is week 1 and week 2.

Instead of discussing my practice, today I’m going to describe the Indoor Triathlon I completed on Sunday!

YMCA Tri Banner BrainerdThis round was time based: 10 minute swim, 30 minute bike, 20 minute run. With transition time in between. This meant we were able to recover after every session, and each person was able to complete their own distance.

Sunday Morning my friend Emily and I got up at 5:30, had some breakfast, and drove over to Brainerd. I will note that I took very few pictures.* If there is something about today that you’re wondering about, feel free to message me.

We arrived early enough to watch the first heat complete their swim, we were given time to warm up in the pool, and then our 10 minutes of swimming started! There were people in charge of counting our laps, and they would even cheer us on! . With one minute left I tried as hard as I could to finish my lap. I got back to the start with 20 seconds left and realized there wasn’t a chance to get one more full lap. I ended with 425 yards.

YMCA Indoor Tri Brainerd BikeWe had 15 minutes to transition, so I toweled off, put on capris, sports bra, tank top, and put my hair in a bun. There were two guys in the spin room which helped us make sure we were sitting in a good position on the bike. I wanted to get into aero, but am not familiar or comfortable with that position. So I did what I could. Once my legs got warmed up, I decided that the goal was going to be 6 miles in the 30 minutes we were given. I ended up getting 6.8 miles, it was awesome to meet my goal!

YMCA Indoor Tri RunAfter another 10 minute transition, we were on the treadmills ready to begin the run! The last time I ran was “Black Friday”, during a spin/run class, so I was pretty nervous for the 20 minute run. I didn’t want to be caught walking, but I wasn’t sure what my legs would feel like doing.

I spent the first 5 minutes at a slow jog. After that I slowly increased, with the last three minutes I tried to really ramp up the speed. I ultimately ended with a 1.7 miles, and never walked, but there is still room for some improvement!

The next indoor triathlon will be March 23, if you would like to join me, and/or have questions, let’s chat!

*Photos during the race are from the Brainerd Family YMCA facebook page.


  1. once i get more comfortable in the water, i would love to do one of these. i know that all of the lifetime gyms in the cities host these.
    you did awesome!

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