Swim Session 2

Just to recap: I had to cancel last week’s session. But I did manage to brave the winter winds and get my swim time in on Sunday. Swimming on my own is frustrating, but thankfully I always remember to pack everything!

swim bags

Here’s how I break it down!

Wear: swim suit, sweat pants, sweatshirt, uggs, hair in pony tail.

Pool Bag (Black “Wild Harvest” Bag): shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash (all travel size). Sandals, towel, swim cap, goggles.

Clothes Bag: underwear, socks, dress pants, bra, shirt, brush, hair dryer, extra hair binder.

The gym opens at 5:30 am, but the pool doesn’t open until 5:45 am. I keep taking the same locker and put away my boots, jacket, sweatshirt, sweat pants, and clothes bag. I wear my sandals and swimsuit, and bring my entire pool bag into the shower area, hanging it on one of the hooks provided. I wait as long as possible and then get in the shower. I don’t use my towel it stays in my pool bag in the shower area until I’m done swimming. Then I shiver and wait for the pool door to be unlocked.

Once the lifeguard lets us in, its time to swim! Sometimes I score my own lane, and other times I share. Most everyone is a regular, so we try to share with similar abilities. Meaning…. the fast people tend to share instead of going with slow, all over the place, me. We haven’t talked about sighting yet, I’m sure that will come a different week!

I swim as much as I can, and am really trying to lower my stroke count (more on that another day).

Once I’m done, I head back to the shower, this time getting my towel out and hanging it on a hook right by the shower stall curtain. I also get out my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash. I get in the shower (and am so thankful there is a curtain) take off my swim suit, go through the routine trying to soap up enough to not smell like chlorine the rest of the day. I towel off and bring my suit to the dryer basket, love that they have one, then go put on lotion, dress, and blow dry my hair.

I rarely wear makeup during the week, so I don’t bring any. Plenty of women bring their entire arsenal into the locker room. But since I’m going to work, I don’t feel the need to get dolled up.

I’m usually done with everything by 7:15 which gives me enough time to hop in the car and drive the 45 minutes back to my hometown to get to work.

I’ve read a lot of different blogs that touch on triathlons, but my new favorite is Tri Marni.  She has much more experience than me, and is a triathlon coach! I found her through her work with Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point.

Do you bring all your makeup to put back on after a workout? Or do you like going bare-faced like me?


  1. Ok, something is going on – I’ve read three posts about triathlon training today! I’d say it’s a sign, but I am nowhere near ready and am just focusing on a few 5Ks this summer. Total respect for anyone who takes on a triathlon! Good luck to you!

  2. You forgot the all important step of turning the sauna on before you go swim so that you have somewhere warm to towel off and lotion up after your shower. Little luxury in your morning…

    1. You are welcome! I like her because she goes in depth on one topic per post. I also have learned a lot from Little Girl in the Big World and In Love and Peanut Butter. The only hard part is, they live in Florida so their training isn’t dealing with MN/WI weather 😉

  3. This makes me want to get up and swim and that never ever in this lifetime happens! Just the thought of not having to listen to anyone and be in the pool getting my workout on in the early morn sounds delightful. Way to keep it up girl and drive 45 minutes too- that’s dedication!

    1. Thank you!! I’ll do a post soon about what I like about swimming versus running. But sneak peak, right now I’m working on a lot with my swim stroke, so I’ve got to work to keep positive. I always feel great when I’m done though!

  4. Well are you just little Miss Prepared! I guess I should start working on the swimming side of things if I really want to complete a tri this year! Swimming in the morning seems like so more work than just lifting or something! It’s probably just all in my head! 🙂

    1. I don’t know how to do a swim workout, and when I read them online they mean nothing to me. So I found someone to help me once a week for 6 weeks. I’m training for a july and august sprint triathlons, so I’ve got plenty of time. I have a half marathon at the end of April, so I need to start running….now! (but more likely next week).

      1. Katie- I’m planning to do a 10k the end of April; I’m guessing it’s the same event you are doing (I live in B-town). I did the 5k last year and am starting to get excited/nervous now!

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