Workout Wednesday: Wellness (sickness)

Oh Hello Friends! I wish there was a font for showing all of you my croaky voice. Its pretty comical. Sometimes I’m at a normal volume, other times my lips are moving, I think I’m talking, but no sound is coming out. I may as well be Ariel in the Little Mermaid, if only I had a Prince Erik.

sick someecardI started feeling crappy last Saturday, and tried so hard to rally last week. Unfortunately it didn’t work, so I cancelled my Monday morning sculpt class, cancelled Tuesday night’s sculpt class, and went ahead and got rid of Thursday’s swim lesson.

I got some meds from the dr which hopefully start kicking in soon, because Saturday I’m scheduled to teach two yoga classes, and I would really like to be feeling good enough to get a sweat on myself!

If I had written this last week I would have told you that if your sickness is in your head, you’re safe, but once a sickness is below your neck you need to rest. Well, last week I worked out while not feeling 100% and so now I’m still sick this week.

Moral of the story: you aren’t in control of everything.

I’ve had a few pity party thoughts in my head the last couple days, and there are some unresolved issues I wish I had answers to. But I’ve got to keep the faith and hope that it all works out for the best. (and know that what I want may not be the actual best).

How do you get better when you’re feeling sick? Do you also tend to be cranky when you aren’t feeling 100%?




  1. Feel better soon girl! I always overdose on green tea with lemon right when I start to feel sick which tends to help out a lot. As hard as it is, staying positive always helps me feel better quicker.

  2. There is some serious junk going around that seems to want to hang out way longer than it should be allowed to. Hope you’re feeling closer to 100%! I swear by vitamins and probiotics and at least 20 minutes a day in the steam room with lots of water, and if I do get sick, which is rare-because I swear by the previously mentioned-(but I did get the bout of crap going around 2 weeks ago) I will do an hour plus in the steam room while downing a gallon of water. Sweat and flush that garbage right out through my skin.

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