Peace Perspective Introduction

As I’ve mentioned on this blog and on my comments around the blog world. This year I am focusing on the word Peace. My plan is that each Sunday I will post a Peace Perspective. Something that I’ve found either on Pinterest or around the web that I’ve added to my “2014: Peace” board. Below is the starting pin!

She Reads Truth Pinterest

I had heard of She Reads Truth years ago when Mama Pea first started mentioning it in her blog posts. Now that Mama Pea no longer blogs, I finally made it to She Reads Truth and added it to my feedly half way through advent.

In high school I was very active in my church. My friends were all in my confirmation class so any church related activities felt the same as when we would all just hang out as friends.

Now as a 20 something I make it to church with my family. But I’m excited for the additional perspective that She Reads Truth will bring.

Do you have a word for 2014? What is your connection to religion?


  1. This is great Katie! I’m lds and very involved in my church. I’m grateful to have that community that you spoke of when you were in high school. Glad you found something that works for you:)

      1. Thank you! I went to a couple night services at Hope (I don’t really remember what it’s called) over by the Metrodome, but it was all college kids, and I can’t really relate to them. But I will look into that one!

  2. I did She Reads Truth last year during a particularly dark point in my life, and I found it to be nothing short of a blessing. I loved the readings and I absolutely LOVED the community. Do you read the blog and comments? That was my favorite part of the devotionals!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love this! I added She Reads Truth to my Feedly. I grew up in a mixed faith household, attending church with my mom at an Apostolic Pentecostal church (I call it Amish with technology for people who don’t know what it is). There was a lot to that religion that I didn’t agree with and quit going once I got the choice. I switched to Lutheran when my husband and I got married and recently found a church that is so me. Going every Sunday is a whole other story though! I like a little something to supplement when I can’t seem to get to church. Thanks for this!

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