Forward Thinking

This morning it seems like everyone is posting about

  • Lorna Jane (I linked to Lee’s post, so you can see the discount offer!) Which I totally took advantage of by purchasing the 2014 diary.
  • Thinking Out Loud (I need to participate some day)
  • Christmas!

And I’m over here making plans for next year!

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The winter 2013-2014 vision board is complete!

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Just to recap from my last post, here’s my vision board for this winter.

Today I went through my bank account a bit and decided to bite the bullet with my first race registration! The TC Loony Challenge is happening! And once I posted about it, I found myself claiming a 2015 goal…

Who am I?!? I just nonchalantly claim a goal that I had never considered, but now it seems to make sense. Friends of mine are saying that they would like to do Grandma’s Marathon every year. And while I did love my experience, I’m not ready to say that yet. I don’t think 26.2 miles is necessarily my happy place. I love 13.1 it feels like a challenge, but I can still do something with my day afterwards.

However, I do like the idea of doing things that scare me (in a safe setting) so I am pretty sure a 2015 marathon will happen. I’m 99% sure I won’t attempt one before that.

Finally, it amazes me that while I make these goals…I can’t remember the last time I went on a run. I’m fairly certain I haven’t ran since the Monster Dash Half. And I am 100% okay with that.

I teach yoga 3 times a week, help at the high school dance team practices 3 days a week, and am trying to eat mindfully. I would like to get a run or walk in during the weekends and will start to prioritize that either on Sunday this week, or next weekend when I have a little more time.

Do you run in the winter? Have you ever found yourself agreeing to things that you hadn’t even considered?


  1. I run 6 days a week pretty regularly, it’s my favorite form of exercise and we have a treadmill at the house. It’s nice to have a treadmill during the UT winters. You should totally do another full!

  2. eek! i become so much lazier in the winter- it’s awful! i’m trying to keep up with running until i go to jamaica in a couple weeks.. :0) which reminds me, i’ll get to swim (swimming is my favorite sport)

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