Focusing on 2014.

I am slowly getting back into blogging regularly. I felt a little disappointed Monday when I didn’t have anything scheduled to post. I went grocery shopping Saturday afternoon, but didn’t actually make anything blog worthy. (I’ve got some plans though, so keep a look out!)

Last week I found 4 bags of clothes to donate to a local shop, and 1 bag of books to donate to the library. My room is a disaster area and I’m starting to go with the “if it isn’t beautiful or purposeful, let it go” motto. In reality I’d like things with a purpose to beautiful also, but I’ve got a tendency to hoard. So I need to learn to trim some stuff down.

Yesterday I went through my closet and reorganized a bit, and found two more shirts that need to be donated. I also started working on updating my vision board and hope to update it tonight.

I’m not trying to becoming “holier than thou” or a crazy hippy, but rather am trying to find some balance. Some healthy living bloggers use the phrase “everything in moderation, even moderation” however that phrase has many questions that my mind raises. If I say I’m focusing on peace, my mind settles, and I start to realize that while things may be a bit bad, but they can be better. Some things are out of my control, and other things are out of control and need to be tamed.

Are you thinking about 2014 yet? Do you have a resolution or something you would like to focus on?


  1. I lawld at the “holier than thou” especially because that’s exactly how I feel! I’m not trying to go live in the woods by myself for a year or stop shaving my underarms, I just want to find some peace and balance in my life. Is that so much for a girl to ask? In 2014 I’m looking to keep zenning out, manage anxiety, keep working on health and fitness, and continue my writing and blogging!

  2. Wow I am making a mess here. The above two comments are mine…also, I just wrote two posts on meditation if you’re interested in checking them out! (I think if you click on my name it’ll work). Love your blog Katie!

  3. I really, really need to go through my closet and do the same. One of my coworkers recently went through her closet and brought the things she didn’t want to work. Because of that, I got a really cute new jacket that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. It was a great way to both declutter her life and help someone else (like me, on a research assistant budget). I love that you’re looking forward to 2014. Moderation is important, but not at the expense of ever getting things done.

  4. I need to go through my stuff as well. I am such a hoarder! Really, whatever am I going to do with the 5,000 Target bags I keep holding on to?!

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