Lighter, Smaller, Red Velvet Cake Balls

I’m no dietician, but here’s what I brought to a cookie exchange on Sunday! I combined three recipes to make one delicious batch of Red Velvet Cake Balls.

red velvetI started with Iowa Girl Eats Red Velvet Cake Balls. Except I took Hungry Girl’s can of pumpkin swap for the cake mix. And then took Kylie Rae‘s recipe for the Kahlua frosting. I only added Kahlua to the frosting, so you can barely taste it, but the next time I might have to add it to the cake mix like she did!

I rolled these cake balls much smaller. Usually they end up golf ball sized and are 2-3 bites. These were bouncy ball sized and more of a 1-2 bite treat.

I also only dipped half the ball in the milk chocolate, letting some of the red velvet shine through. I still drizzled with white chocolate, because yum.

These means I didn’t use all the melting chocolate that Iowa Girl Eats calls for, so I recommend buying the 8 oz boxes and only melting one box at a time.


  1. this looks delicious. would you believe that i had my very first cake ball last weekend? i tried cookies and cream and a brownie and was blown away. what have i been waiting for??

    1. I couldn’t taste the pumpkin, but if you used a spice cake mix instead of red velvet I think you would! Hungry Girl recommends Devils Food Chocolate Cake with the can of pumpkin, which I’ve never done, but sounds amazing!

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