2014 Race Plan

I’m slowly working out my 2014 race plan. In 2013 I ran 11 races. Which I personally think was a little crazy. Earlier in the year the races were in preparation for Grandma’s Marathon, but the rest I pretty much signed up because I have race addicted friends (whom I love).  The exception is the Irongirl Duathlon, which I raced to help me prepare for a triathlon.

I’m slowly working on my plans for 2014. I haven’t signed up for any races yet, but I’m about to pull the trigger on a few.

Start:Run for the Lakes Half Marathon. I was supposed to run this race last year, but at the last minute went down to the 10k. I’m hoping for a redemption. (This race location was also the site of my first 5k back in 2011).

End: TC Loony Challenge (5k and 10k on Saturday, 10 miler on Sunday). I really wish I had participated in this last year as it was the inaugural. However, I am thankful I spectated the marathon with my aunt this fall as I think it will prepare me for the challenge a little better.

Middle: Triathlon(s)!!! I haven’t decided what I want to do yet. Most races haven’t updated with their 2014 dates yet. I am hoping/planning on participating in the 2 most local races. Tri for a Cause and Lakes Country Triathlon. I also would like to volunteer at the Superior Man Triathlon, as well as spectate (possibly participate) in the Alexandria Triathlon (which happens to be the weekend after Run for the Lakes half marathon).

There is also the subject of Grandma’s Marathon weekend. I would love to do the half, however it is a lottery, and I’m not sure if I will get in. I could always volunteer, as a payback for my marathon last year. Or….there is an organization called “my first tri” which I would love to participate in, but I don’t like the idea of not being in Duluth.

What are your plans for 2014? Are you already signed up? Or are you enjoying the off season?



  1. This sounds great! I’ve been thinking about you, Katie, but for whatever reason I can’t read blogs on my work computer anymore, so I haven’t been able to visit until now! I really want to do a tri (although with my lack of swimming skills that will probably never happen). I’m seriously hoping to be able to get my half in next season, but I have GOT to stop getting injured, burned, or otherwise hurt if that’s ever going to happen.

  2. I’vebern thinking about 2014 races a lot too! Haven’t registered for any yet either. I’m probably gonna enter the Grandma’s half lottery though! I’d love to do that one!

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