Breaking the Thanksgiving Rules

This month has been super crazy for me. I’m not even sure if I’ll do a monthly recap post at the end because so much of it has been pretty personal. For all of you who read this little piece of the blog world, know this: I am okay. For all of you who I know in real life, please make some plans with me! I firmly believe that being with other people is the best medicine for anything.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Its the first time in a long time my family and I will be in Minnesota and our plans are very low key this year. I’ll be teaching a Yoga Sculpt class at 9 am in Aitkin which I am super excited for. I plan on teaching to the first playlist from back in May, just so we can hear the old tunes and be thankful for how far everyone has come since then!

It will just be my immediate family for dinner, so we’re doing steaks instead of turkey. I do plan on making cranberry sauce and stuffing. Which I’ve never made before…so that should be interesting!

Friday I’ll be taking 2 Black Friday workout classes at the Minnesota Hockey Camp in Nisswa, and then I’ll travel down to the cities to see my mom’s side of the family. I’m assuming we’ll spend the entire rest of the weekend down there, but we’ll see.

Oh, also on Thanksgiving my mom and I will have to run payroll for the family business. It may seem crazy to decide to work on Thanksgiving, but since I want to work out Friday morning, this is how the cookie crumbled.

Do you have a traditional Thanksgiving planned? Or are you breaking all the rules like me?



  1. I’m having a old fashioned Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house with the whole family. I’m pretty excited since i spent last T-day sitting alone watching movies and eating pumpkin pie, so I am thankful to be surrounded by family this year! Wishing you the best, and as always here for support. Miss you roomie!!

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