Typical Thursday Thankfulness

The “Thankful” posts on facebook all month have been driving me crazy. Lifting Revolution had an amazing post about DOING thankfulness instead of just posting about how awesome your family/friends/life is. However while going through my feedly today I smiled a lot. And I realized its time to share a few happy/thankful things.

In the Blog World:

Running4Cupcakes had this wonderful post “It’s Ok…” it was simple, to the point and exactly what I needed.

More Than Just Dessert has accomplished so much in the last 6 months it amazes me! Her “Wednesday Things (Link Love)” is a great example of how much work she has done on her blog this year!

Healthy Living Blogs deserves its own shout out. I personally love their “Blog Tip Thursdays” most.

In The Real World:

My family, friends, and communities. I made some big changes about a year ago and I can say they were all for the better, but I couldn’t have done it without the people in my life. Those times when I have felt down, alone, or sad there have been opportunities to distract and uplift myself that I am so very thankful for.

If you’re not feeling the happiest right now, I would encourage you to reach out to people. Simply ask them to get a cup of coffee, keep your ears open for activities and get out! Sitting at home is all well and go every now and then, but sometimes you need to get outside of your familiar surroundings to feel better.

I hope you enjoyed my picture-less post, please share with me what is making you happy lately!



  1. Girrrrrl,I heart you times a million. Haha I just replied to your comment on my blog and then I come over here and am once again seriously feeling so lucky to have such a supportive friend like you!

    I also love blog tip thursdays–total lifesaver for me the past few months with all the blog updates!

  2. hehe, i thought i was the only one not exactly loving the bombardment of thankful lists on fbook. i definitely agree that we should not just say things, but really try and ‘act it out’ 🙂

  3. It’s funny how people get annoyed at people posting thankful Facebook posts…I say it’s better than complaining or telling everyone how you went to the store today. 😉 While Taylor’s idea is great, it’s a little insulting to those of us who naturally have a negative attitude on life (read: might be suffering from depression) and are trying to turn it around by doing this daily thanks exercise. I’m thankful we are all allowed to express our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs without fear of punishment! 🙂

  4. This is a great post. Taking the time to be thankful almost always makes me feel better when I’m feeling down. I definitely am not writing and thinking about being thankful every day this month, but I am glad to have the time to really reflect on it. This day has been crazy/terrible, but reading this post really brought home to me all of the things I AM happy about.

  5. I’ve felt the same way about the Thankful posts on Facebook. They’ve left a bad taste in my mouth and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why exactly, until I read the Doing Thankfullness post you linked to. I’m thankful for the blogging community (and your spot in it)!

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