Florida Feelings

Hello from Florida Friends! My family and I came down on Friday, and while we usually spend the long weekend walking, sitting by the pool and going out to dinner this trip we mixed it up a little.

Friday night we went out to dinner at Fresh Catch Bistro. They are right on the beach and we had a lovely view even though it was super dark outside.

Palm Night

I rented a car Saturday and drove over to Fort Lauderdale. I stopped at the only gas station on Hwy 75 and found a tall boy diet coke!! I was so darn happy about it, cans just taste so much better than bottles.

16 oz can Diet Coke

Once I got to the East side we made our way over to Mamacitas the best place for drinks on Hallendale Beach. I was visiting my friend Kate (pictured below) and her husband Mike. We all went to college together and now they live here while attending they become a 1000 times smarter than me, aka, a Physicans Assistant and a Doctor. Saturday night we went out with Mike’s friends as they were all celebrating being done with classes!

Mamacitas Beergaritas

I think the best part of the trip was seeing them and getting those two long drives by myself. It felt good to not worry and just drive.

Hwy 75 Florida

Sunday night my mom, brother and I walked to The Fishhouse for dinner. I asked about the two local tap beers on the menu, and the waiter was nice enough to bring me samples of both!

Florida Beer Samples

My mom and I marveled at how during March everyone is so busy and restaurants are packed, but since its before Thanksgiving the restaurants are a little slower and everyone is so darn nice and accommodating!

Monday my mom and I took turns going outside. She went on a walk, then I went on a bike ride the length of the island. When I got back I tried this coconut water that was latte flavored with espresso and milk added into it.

Coco Cafe Vanilla

It was pretty good! We also took turns sitting down at the pool. My brother had a seizure so he spent his day on the couch which is why we took turns doing everything. My dad had come down with us on Friday, but returned on Sunday to take care of things at home.

Our family vacations are a little different, but they work for us. What does your family do? Is everyone together the whole time? Or do you each do your own thing and come together for meals?



  1. Welcome to Florida! Out vacays are usually spent alllllll together. It’s nice but I’d def enjoy some alone time every now and then ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. There was some weird texture at the bottom of the bottle that I spit right back into the container, I did not want to investigate, but it did taste great!! The only other coconut water I like is the VitaCoco Pineapple. And they must be cold!

  2. I โค Florida!!! I miss living there SO, so much! Hope you're having a great trip!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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