Fast Friday: Blog Wish List

Happy Friday my friends! Its overcast and cold in Northern MN (go figure) I’m debating going to the high school homecoming football game (Go Gobblers!) but I might be a fair weather fan and stay home tonight. One of these cold days/nights I might start working on my Blog Wish List, aka, the things I wish my blog had.

I have lived on happily for *almost* 2 years. Sometimes I think about self hosting, but I never take the plunge! The more blogs I read, and the more blogging conference I go to, the more I feel compelled to self-host. However, once I “decide” to self-host, the questions about design start coming.

I am a visual person, I like looking at pretty things, however I am not detail specific, and I can’t vocalize what I like. Slowly I’m starting to realize what I like in a blog.

  1. All the “stuff” is on the right.
  2. Links to facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterst are easily found.
  3. Pinning is an option at the bottom of the post, especially when a blogger has a recipe!
  4. “Good” photos.
  5. Going through so I can use my wordpress dashboard to reply to comments!

Some of these I am completely guilty of not having. But I’m just finding what I like. Eventually I will hopefully have a beautiful blog that conveys exactly what I want. But for now I use this space to share what I’m thinking. I am so thankful for my friends who read this (even if we haven’t met I consider you a friend). And I absolutely love all of you who comment and share your thoughts!

What do you like in a blog? Do you have any tips on how to start designing?


  1. After just taking the plunge last week, I can say that I STILL feel overwhelmed with blog redesign ideas. For me, I did the same thing as you–I just made a list of everything I liked “visually” about blogs and drew out a sketch on paper. I then when from there. Let me know when you want to self host and we’ll get you taken care of 🙂

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