Race Recap: Irongirl Duathlon Bloomington 2013

I was busy shopping on Saturday and didn’t get to packet pickup until late afternoon.

Irongirl Duathlon Wristband

I wasn’t thinking about my garmin when I had my athlete wristband on. All I was thinking was that I wouldn’t be wearing my usual watch. Once I picked up my packet I stopped by the Athleta table and made myself a sign (which now will live in the back window of my car).

Athleta Sponsor Irongirl Duathlon

Also, did you know Athleta is pronuced Ath-let-a? I thought it was Ath-leet-a. From the packet pickup I made my way over to my Grandparents’ house. I am so lucky that they are  in good health and allow me to visit them even when I can’t go to church on Sunday morning! I went to bed early, but woke up every two hours, I tossed and turned, and at one point dreamed that I was late for the race!

Shine On Corepower Yoga

At 4:30 my alarm went off and I hopped out of bed. The coffee was brewed and I poured it into the  “Shine On” cup that Corepower Edina gifted everyone who completed the CPYTri the day before. The drive to the race start was short and I was one of the first people to rack my bike.

Bike Racking Irongirl DuathlonI knew nothing about racking a bike, but watched what everyone else did and copied them. Since it was still early (5:30 or so) I headed back to my car to eat breakfast and kill some time.

Pre-race Fuel Clif Bar Peanut Toffee BuzzMy usual pre-race food is peanut butter toast or bagel. However I didn’t want to mess with my Grandparents’ toaster, or eat 3 hours before I would start the race. This clif bar was perfect for eating in the car!

A little after 6 am I went back to the transition area and hung out while the sun rose. I spent lots of time tweeting every nervous thought that came to me. Headphones weren’t allowed during the race, but I did listen to music before I crossed the start line.

This was the first race I’ve done where people were let out in groups. I was scheduled for the last group, which didn’t leave until 8 am. The first lap around the lake was good. I haven’t looked at my splits yet, but I didn’t walk at all and was super confident coming into the transition area. I put on my helmet, put on my hydration backpack (more on that later), and walked my bike until I could get on and start riding!

Pre Race Nerves Iron Girl Bloomington

I didn’t take pictures during the race, but I did snap this shot of me before taking off!

I was so impressed with the race set up. I was SUPER nervous about getting lost, but it was very well marked! I was uncertain about racing with a mountain bike, but am proud to say that I passed a bunch of people! The USA Triathlon is very particular about the rules when it comes to passing and riding.

While these rules seem very strict, the race was wonderful and felt more relaxed than what is stated above.
After 22 miles (which was 2 loops of an 11 mile course) I re-racked my bike to do the exact same run loop as before. I started at a slow run, my quads were burning, I decided it would be best to finish with the Galloway method of running 4 minutes walking 1 minute. Halfway through the first 4 minute run I realized if I stopped to walk I might not be able to run again. I kept a slow steady pace through the water stop where I walked and grabbed a cup of water.
Once I finished the cup I decided to walk for one more minute before I started running again. At this point a girl who had passed me earlier but stopped to drink her water instead of walking through told me that she was going to try and keep up with me. I laughed a little at the thought, but she and I ran the entire rest of the course telling each other that if it weren’t for the other one, we would be walking. I sprinted the last bit of the course as much as I could and felt amazing!
The transition area wasn’t open yet for finishers, so I grabbed the delicious breakfast they were offering us and wished I had my cell phone. When they opened transition, I realized they were offering chair massages and there wasn’t a wait! I sat in the chair and relaxed a bit, then got my stuff and went to meet my wonderful friend Alex!
Irongirl Duathlon Bloomington Medal
I had overestimated how long it would take me to complete the course, so she wasn’t able to see me finish, but we were able to drive over the Uptown and grab lunch at Punch pizza! I was in such a post-race euphoria that I forgot to take any pictures other than the one about which was sent to most of my friends on snapchat. (aka my favorite app).
Have I missed any info? What are your thoughts on snapchat?


  1. Congrats Katie!! I’ve never done a tri, but I am curious about them. I had no idea there were so many rules about biking, but I’m sure they’re totally logical and, like you said, not as a crazy as they sound. Haha I’ve always pronounced Athleta wrong too!!! Thanks for clearing that up for us!!

  2. Ahhh, congrats! You should be so, so proud of yourself 🙂 You’ve made me want to give this race a try next year!

    PS -I’m SO behind on reading blogs, so sorry this is a bit late.

  3. congrats on your race, and i think some of the euphoria came from the cliff bar. they are my favorite.. well.. and punch pizza. you had a pretty good day, huh? and as far as snapchat, i’m addicted. so much fun to send silly pictures (just wish you could save them some of the time)

  4. Great job, Katie!!! Glad the race went well for you 🙂 My aunt did it too and she said it was an awesome event. Are you going to try another in the near future? When I did my tri, I remember I watched everyone racking their bike and they made it look so EASY! I have an XS frame since I’m so stinking short so my bike would not sit in the rack. Haha.

  5. Congrats! I really want to try a triathlon, but I need to start biking! I don’t know why but for some reason I am totally intimidated to try one…I need to get over that and just do it!

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