Giveaway, 4 Sleeps and Dara Torres

The time is coming for my first Duathlon! While typically I’d be tapering for a running race, this race is a little different. Last week I wrote about planning on a long ride for Tuesday. That didn’t happen when I met…

Dara Torres Cycle Quest Koss Headphones

Dara Torres! I won entry into this event through Katie from Running 4 Cupcakes. Which proves that 1. You have to read blogs, not just write a blog, and 2. People named Katie are awesome!

So instead of using my mountain bike for 20 miles, I rode in a Dara lead cycle session for 23 miles. It was a fun way to get my miles in, and I hope to get in a brick workout on Thursday.

During the event we were wearing Koss Fit Clip Headphones which are especially designed for women. They suction into your ears and once you’ve got them in, they aren’t going anywhere!

Koss Headphones Fit Clips

At first I had them in my ear and could hear the music just fine, but half way through the class I adjusted them more and finally got the “suction feeling” and realized just how awesome these headphones are! Not only are the headphones awesome, but Koss is an awesome company in general. They asked for our shirt sizes and I assumed we’d get a generic t-shirt. Instead we got 3 shirts! The grey hoodie tee fit me perfectly, but this orange t shirt is a little small on me, and the yellow tank is too big (although pinterest has me believing someone could craft it to fit them!)

Fit 4 Life Giveaway

To win this delightful package, all you need to do is tell me what kind of headphones you currently wear! (So that I can look them up and tell you why Koss is 1000x better).

Finally, here’s a little recap of my plan for the rest of the week.

  • Wednesday (today): Sculpt at 5 pm
  • Thursday: “brick” ride for 5 ish miles, and run a mile.
  • Friday: teach sculpt at 6 am
  • Saturday: CPY TRI! (Sculpt, 5k, and Vinyasa by the lake) Also, packet pickup.
  • Sunday: Race!!!

Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway!

**Giveaway goes until Sunday at Midnight Central Time, I was not paid to write this post, however I was given free products.


  1. I have some skull candy earbuds that wrap around my ears. I actually really like them. I think I got them through Groupon a while back. I have heard about these and would be interested in trying them out.

  2. Awesome score on the class and shirts!!!! I’m pretty jealous, all around. 🙂

    My headphones are a little TOO suctiony, if that’s a thing. Like, normal breathing sounds like overheated-dog-panting, and if I’m running outside, I can’t really hear, say, ANYTHING going on around me. That’s probably bad.

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