11 Days Until #IGBloomington

First and Foremost.

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Never Forget

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My town is the best. I love their tribute to 9/11, my words just cannot do the day justice.

Second….I have 11 freaking sleeps (aka days) until the Irongirl Duathlon! Last week I brought my bike to the shop, so last weekend when I wanted to ride I couldn’t! Now my bike is done, and I’ll pick it up this afternoon….but I’ll be in the cities all weekend for the Healthy Living Summit, so no ride for me.

My plan for next week is..

  • to get a long ride (20 miles) in on Tuesday.
  • mini brick on Thursday. (run 20 minutes, bike 40 minutes, run 20 minutes).
  • and of course I have sculpt Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • CPYTri at Edina on Saturday! (I still need to register for it)

I still haven’t figured out what to do about hydration on the bike. My secret plan is to buy a hydration pack this weekend when I’m in the cities. I bet I could find a better price on Amazon, but I really want to try the pack on before I purchase!

Do you have hydration tips for me? Any random biking tips you care to share?




  1. Your gears are your friends. Not understood during very very very hilly 42 mile Jesse James bike tour last weekend, officially grasped during nowhere near as hilly but still sorta hilly 37 mile mpls bike tour today. Best of luck next weekend!

      1. No-still new to this biking business, but liking it more and more as I go along. The JJ was completely last minute and the longest I had gone was about 23 miles with several food, beer and wine stops, so maybe not one of my better ideas, but it was the kick in the pants I needed to take it more seriously. I hope to ride a few more events this fall and drag myself to spin class, get a road bike and start entering duathlons in the spring. Good intentions…very excited to read your update next week!!

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