I made it, I ate it: Grilled Artichokes

Are there foods that intimidate you? Brussle Sprouts used to do that to me, I hated them steamed, but once I learned they could be roasted, I realized they are delicious!

I have always loved artichoke dips, pizza and pastas. But canned artichokes were always used. I’d look at the fresh artichokes in the grocery store and think, “How does it work? Where is the artichoke hiding under those leaves?”

Artichoke Inside, Fibers Removed

This week I finally bought a fresh artichoke. I like to cook without an audience. Especially when I’m trying something for the first time. So with my parents out of town, I’ve got a week to buy and make whatever I want without judgement.

So during the Vikings game I started Pinteresting and found the winning recipe.

The big leaves outside of the artichoke weren’t super pointy, but the inside had a few sharp ones (another reason to not have an audience while cooking no one heard my “ouch”es) In my photo at the top, I had already removed the fibers inside. make sure you get them all, or else you’ll be eating a hairy artichoke heart.

After you boil some water, and let the artichokes dance for 10-15 minutes, transfer them to a hot grill, I used olive oil, but I’d love to try them with truffle oil!

Artichokes on the Grill

Rotate a few times to get good grill marks, and then enjoy!

Grilled Artichokes with Aioli

(I moved back inside to eat, but there is really nothing better than cooking new recipes when its rainy and cold outside).

Serving Notes:

1. You eat an artichoke by removing the leaf, and using your teeth to get the meat off. I recommend using a greek yogurt based dipping sauce, I added a couple tablespoons of mayo.

2. The recipe I linked made a lot of dip, way too much dip. I would divide into smaller containers and make different dipping options to make the dish more fun!

3. I would use truffle oil instead of olive oil to get a better flavor, then you wouldn’t even need dip!

4. This is a dish best served hot! It would be a great appetizer for a party where people are interested in trying something new.

5. This is not a food to make for a first date or first meal together. Far too messy and potentially embarrassing if either of you don’t like it.


    1. 1. Roasting is really the best! (especially that darn truffle oil!)
      2. I bet you’ve got a good dip going, I know I started to get more interested in veggies when I was allowed to pick what dip to use!

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