My Schedule (so far) #HLS13

This time next week I’ll be in Minneapolis with approximately 200 other Healthy Living blogging ladies!! As a first time attendee I’m expecting to have a lot of fun, meet new friends, eat lots of good food, and try some fun workouts!

The schedule is starting to fill up, so I thought I would post my plans for far..

Thursday: 6:00 pm Blow Out at Strand !! I’ve never had a blow out before, and when the opportunity arose this Summer I asked if I could wait until #HLS13 so I could go out and have some fun with a new hair do!

7:30 pm : I am looking for someone who wants to get dinner!

“after Dinner” Sky Bar Cocktails Mingle

Friday: 6:00 am Flapjack Friday! Meet me in the lobby to join Mill City Running in their Flapjack Friday, they run 2-5 miles and have free flapjacks after that, yum!!

11:00 am Sandcastle Lunch Mingle! I can’t wait to officially meet Hyedi!

1:00 pm Hands on Workshop Time (if I’m back in time, I don’t know where in the hotel this is located).

2:00 pm Workout with Chocolate Milk, sounds like a great afternoon pick me up!

(shower change, maybe nap!?!?)

4:30 pm Healthy Happy Hour with Becki.

5:30 Townhall Brewery Dinner Mingle with Casey.

8:00 Guthrie Theater’s Endless Bridge Cocktail Hour!


9:00 am: Blogs in Transition

10:25 am: From Blog to Job

11:15 am: Organized Blogger

2:00 pm: Hands on Time

3:35 pm: Blogger and the Brand

5:30 pm: Yoga Sculpt Mini Mingle with Me!! (I totally need to make a new playlist, so send me song requests!)

Dinner, not planned yet..


8 am -11am: Breakfast, a 5k to see the Cherry and the Spoon, and take pictures!

2 pm: Steepery (not sure if I will attend, depends on how tired I am!)

Uff Da! I’m very excited, and need to start laying out clothes (I anticipate needing lots of cute workout clothes, and a few dresses when not working out). I also need to get a better idea of what a no-weights sculpt is going to look like (usually I use 5 and 10 pound weights).

What are you participating in during #HLS13?


Do you have any tips on how I should survive all this craziness and busy-ness, and fun-ness?!?






  1. I’ve signed up for a Zumba mingle on Friday and your Yoga Sculpt Mingle on Saturday, but aside from that, I’m unscheduled. I know we’ve received several email with all of the Mingle info, but do you know if there is one spot where all of the Mingles are listed?

    This week is going to fly by…

    1. I didn’t even see the Zumba mingle, I’ll have to search that out! There is an email coming out I believe tomorrow if a more comprehensive list of everything going on, I’ve based my schedule around newsletters 5 and 6 so far. Can’t wait to meet you!!

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