3 Weeks Until #IGBloomington Duathlon

Hello Hello Friends! Crunch time is approaching and that means its time for me to buckle down!

Even though I’m not in school, I still feel like September allows for a fresh start. With that, I have a little intention I’m focusing on. I would really love to lose a pound a week for the next four months. While I’m not about to tell you what my current number is, I will say that I can safely lose quite a bit of weight. My activity level is high, but my diet/nutrition could use some tweaks.

With that activity level, I would really like to focus on getting faster, since the Duathlon is requiring me to run to miles I’m keeping my mileage low. (I may have to restart long runs in order to do Monster Dash with friends in October).

Another thing I’m working on is the Live More Weigh Less Challenge for September. Its free and really fun so far! You can see all my adventures with the challenge on Instagram! @katie_lf

What are you working on this week?



  1. i feel the exact same way about September too! i’m exact same boat. i’m doing better with the exercise, but my nutrition can definitely be improved.

  2. Gosh diet is a tricky one. Being a midwest gal in all, I could eat all times of the day…. that is why I lift haha because my love of food is neutralized (usually).

    Presently I’m working on balance… Just learning that I can not do it all and that is OKAY!

    Good luck on your goals- sounds like you have a solid plan that’ll pay off!!

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