August 2013 Recap

September is here! While summer isn’t officially over, I don’t know why we pretend like it continues after labor day. Sure the weather might be nice, but everyone seems to be getting back in a routine, even if they don’t have school age children.

August was packed full. I had a busy week of Miss Aitkin practice and a wedding the first week of the month.

I ran a Summerfest 5k the second weekend of the month.

Continued training for the Iron Girl Bloomington Duathlon, although hip pain slowed me down.

And the third week of the month included a day spent in a kayak with friends!

The last two weekends of the month were slow, and I was a little sad that I didn’t have anything to do or anyone to hang out with. So when it came to planning my Labor Day weekend I tried to fill it up, and was very successful!

Friday night I met a friend for our town’s Moonlight Madness where local businesses offer discounts, and then went to the Beanery’s Wine Night!

Saturday was spent on the lake with friends and beverages, and Saturday night I babysat my brother.

Sunday I drove down to Maple Grove and caught the bus to the Minnesota State Fair where I spent 8 hours walking around with friends and trying delicious food! I personally thought the deep fried green olives were overrated, and the deep fried jalapeno cheese stick was delicious!

Monday I taught Yoga Sculpt at 10 am, and was blessed with a full class, that included my aunts! I had lunch with a few friends, and then the afternoon was spent at my Grandparents cabin.

Monday night I came into work, which is why I’m allowed to type up this monthly recap quick before diving deep into my “beginning of the month” to-do list.

How was your August?? Are you buried in stuff to do with the start of September?


  1. Sad you thought the olives were overrated! I’m still thinking about their salty goodness 🙂

    And yes — I’m definitely buried in work. I’ll probably stay that way until end of October!

  2. I am bummed that the deep fried green olives weren’t good – but I am glad you told me so now I don’t have to waste money checking them out next year. The highlight at the fair for me this year was the deep fried bread pudding – seriously delicious.

  3. My world doesn’t change much with the end of summer. My job stays the same since I only work with kids who aren’t in school yet. It just means we need to find something else to do since the pool is now closed.

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