Looking Back: Moving Back

One Year Ago….I moved.
I packed up my two bedroom apartment.

Townhome Door

That was my first and only time (so far) living without a roommate.

Packing a TrailerI had a gorgeous last sunrise, which really soothed me and assured me that I was making the right decision.

Duluth SunriseI also left my first (and so far only) corporate job, which included insurance and a company vehicle.

Company Ford Escape

Want to know more of the back story? This post says it all, click here.

A year later, I’m glad I’m home. My work/life balance is questionable, which is what happens when you live with your boss. However I am in a better place. I’m not in my deep funk anymore, although I still have my funky days. In an ironic twist, one of my good friends just moved to Duluth, which makes me super jealous. Depending on what happens this weekend I may just drive up and tour my old favorite spots!

What was the last big change you had? Where were you one year ago?



  1. Man oh man. One year ago I had just moved to CT, I had just gotten dumped, and I was in a worse place than I’d ever been. Now I’m happy, healthy, and overall doing 100x better. Thanks for making me take time to look back and realize how far I’ve come this year. Glad to hear that you have too!

  2. i’m glad your changes/move turned out to be positive.. a year really can be a long time, right? last year i was engaged, working full-time as a grant-writer, and living in eau claire, wisconsin 🙂

  3. One year ago, I was settling into my first year teaching third grade. Now, I’m out living in my own apartment and beginning my second year of teaching third grade. I feel more like a grown up and much more knowledgeable in my professional career.

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