4 weeks until #IGBloomington (heat continued)

The heat/humidity remains in Minnesota. The hour long ride I claimed was going to happen on Monday… was pushed off until Tuesday. I’m not sure how long I was on my bike (probably 90 minutes), but I did 18 miles! And it really made me realize that my bike HAS to get to the bike shop. It needs to be cleaned, or fitted, or something. Because its just not working for me right now, and I don’t know what to do!

I also need to talk about hydration/nutrition when I get to the bike shop. My bike has one water bottle holder and I would really like to purchase a camel bak and/or figure out how to get another water bottle on…..But I know nothing about it!

Other than that…I taught sculpt yesterday and had the privilege of having my mom in class! She’s usually golfing when I teach, but decided to come indoors for her workout. Tonight I am babysitting my brother, but before my parents head out for dinner I plan on getting a short run in.

I’m glad I’ve got a few weeks left to get my body ready and hopefully let the weather cool down before I try tackle my first duathlon!

Do you have hydration/nutrition tips?


  1. I totally agree that you need to take your bike in for a check-up! That can make a world of difference. They can also help get another water bottle holder mounted on your bike. Nice work on 18 miles!!

  2. Its sooo hot and humid right now! Such a weird summer. How cool that your mom can come to your class– my mom would never touch a weight let alone a sculpt class… I am trying to convince her otherwise!

    1. Today it’s overcast in northern mn, its is SO weird! My mom started with practicing with me at home and slowly is going to different classes as they work with her schedule. I hope your mom can try a class!

  3. Hi there! This will be my first Duathlon as well! I looked up the training plan for it this morning, and did not understand half the words they used! Have you googled it? I too was just thinking about adding another water bottle onto my bike. I rode 23 miles on Friday (1hour and 36 minutes) and ran out of water 15 miles into it,,, not good! Are you incorporating running before or after your bike rides yet? Yikes! this is coming up fast! 😉

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