5 Weeks Until #IGBloomington (and a tri update!)

So I mentioned in my post last week that I was stepping back on the workouts.

Also last week I…kayaked on Thursday and went to yoga on Saturday morning. So far this week I have taught Yoga Sculpt on Monday morning, and had a new workout on Monday afternoon!

My office is .75 miles from the high school track. I did a warmup run to the track, did 1 lap around the track. Laid down in the grass and did 5 minutes of ab work. Ran 1 more lap, and then ran back to my office. It was a great 30 minute workout that got me sweating, but didn’t hurt my hip! I still really need to get into a bike shop, and really think it will happen on Saturday afternoon (which is what I said last Saturday…)

Now with 5 weeks to go, I realize I need to stay active, but I don’t want to hurt myself. That hip pain sucked, and I feel like if I jumped right back into my training I’d go right back to that pain.

That being said…I saw this instagram last night, and saw a tweet from Fit Foodie Lee and I am really tempted to do a Corepower Yoga triathlon the day before my duathlon.


What is a Corepower Tri? They start with a Yoga Sculpt Class, then go on a run (no clue how far) and then finish with some yoga (possibly by a lake). I can’t quite figure out what studio it is at, I’m assuming the Edina studio, which is my favorite of the MN CPY studios.

This probably isn’t the wisest, but I really want to do it! The duathlon is not a race that I’m planning on killing, I simply want to practice the two sports so when I do a triathlon next year (yes you read that right) I will kind of know what is going on.

Do you think I’m crazy to do a hard workout the day before a race? Have you participated in a corepower yoga tri?



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