Fast Friday: Kayak Edition

Happy Friday folks!! I’ll be honest, today is just a normal day for me, because yesterday I played in a kayak all day!

Solera 120 Kayak Blue A dear friend of mine is moving from our hometown to Duluth and we wanted one last day of spending time in small group together before she left.

We rented the kayaks from Cycle Path Paddle in Crosby, and they brought the kayaks to the Pennington water access for us. We got on the water at 10 am, and paddled through multiple lakes taking breaks to swim. Eventually we paddled to a sandy shore and pulled in for our packed lunch. Throughout the morning I had a lot of trouble with paddling in a straight line and keeping up with my friends. We laughed and blamed “operator error” but decided to switch up who was in which kayak to see if it truly was an issue. It took a few minutes to realize there really was something wrong with the kayak, it back seemed to be weighted as it would consistently veer the right no matter how you paddled.

We called Cycle Path Paddle and they agreed to meet us back at the launch site and switch us for a different kayak. I’m pretty sure they thought we were crazy, but there was no extra charge for the change and they were very nice about it!

We finished up our day with a long swim break, letting minnows and sunnys nibble on our feet, and laughing a lot. We had perfect weather and it was a wonderful way to soak up the sun and what is starting to be the end of summer.

Do you have a good rental place near you? Have you ever experienced operator error?



    1. I bought a couple paddleboards when I saw them at costco this spring. The nice thing about the kayaks is you’re less likely to fall in, and you’ve got storage space! That being said, paddle boarding is a better workout!

  1. I am so glad that swapped it out for you- that is super nice! I wish we had a place like that close by to rent from. I would love to check out the standing paddle boards sometime. . .

    1. Paddle boards are much more of a workout than kayaking (in my opinion) but I love them both! The nice thing about the kayaks is we were able to have lunch/snacks/beverages with us in the compartments on the front and back of the kayak and not worry about them too much!

  2. omg, katie- i’ve only kayaked once and i was so terrible. jon and i went to bayfield, wisconsin to kayak madline island, and we were absolutely horrible. the kayak trip is 4 1/2 hours, and we were little about to ditch the kayaks and just swim. it was too much! you must have really strong arms…

    1. We were pretty relaxed throughout the day. And we did take a few different breaks. It also depends on the water you’re on, We were in a mine pit (lake with no power boats) so there were no waves to worry about!

  3. Kayaking is the greatest as the hubby and I just went for the first time last month! Sounds like a wonderful time and great way to spend some QT together 🙂 This makes me miss the beautiful Central Minnesota lakes! Enjoy them for me since we can’t make it there until February!

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