7 Weeks Until #IGBloomington

Training continues and this past week I had two hard workouts to get in (a run-bike-run and a 90 minute ride).

(The italicized words are what I was supposed to do, and the rest is what I actually did.)

Monday: run 50 minutes. Did: taught sculpt in the morning, ran about 30 in the evening. (I had Miss Aitkin practice to get to).

Tuesday: rest. Did: plus walked for about 1 hour, about 3 miles. (I recently read an article talking about recovery days versus resting days. I suppose this would be considered recovery).

Wednesday: Run 40 minutes. Did: I actually got an hour in! Plus taught sculpt.

Thursday: Run 20 – Bike 1 hour – run 30. Did: The second run was only for 20 minutes but I did it! The running was slow and awkward. I tried to bike around town and hated it.

Friday: rest Did: plus danced plenty at a wedding. (I had some sore feet in the morning)

Saturday: Bike 1 Hour Did: nothing! I knew this wouldn’t happen, so I’m not that upset.

Sunday: Bike 1.5 hour Did: 90 minute ride totaling 18.5 miles. My tires were low and the ride was hard, but I got it done!

This week…I’m rearranging to fit in a 5k on Saturday morning. I really want to do well, the last 5k I did was 13 days post-marathon and was pretty painful and slow. I would love to pick up the pace and finish strong.

I also really want to get to a bike store and finally have a long conversation about what I should be saving my pennies for….anyone have bike purchasing tips?



  1. Do you remember where you read the article on rest vs recovery days? I would love to read it! I think I am struggling with taking a complete and full rest day (no walks, yoga, etc). during marathon training and my body is yelling at me!

      1. Thanks for the article. I shouldnt have ran this weekend when I was starting to feel sick. Now I feel like I am getting worse and shouldnt have pushed myself 😦 Taking a true rest day today though!

  2. I’m new to biking and it was suggested to me to by a used mid-range hybrid, to see if i like riding a faster bike without committing to a pricy road bike. So i did. I really like it-i got a specialized sirrus for 300 off of craigslist. It is light and fast and I enjoy riding. Once I am more confident with myself and my abilities, and make the transition from regular pedals to clip-ins, i would like to get a tri-bike. Would also buy that used. There are soooooo many diehard cyclists down here, they want newer better faster and you can find a good high-end well maintained used bike for about 750-850 on craigslist. I would definitely not buy new.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I wish we could’ve met up while you were in town! I know craigslist is the way to go, but I need to get fitted, so I don’t accidentally try to put my 5’3″ body on a bike built for a giant!

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