8 Weeks Until Irongirl Duathlon

Another week of training in the books! The italicized words are what I was supposed to do, and the rest is what I actually did.

Monday: 45 min run: Did: taught yoga sculpt and walk/play 9 holes of golf.

Tuesday: rest: Did: bike to work.

Wednesday: Run 30 Did it! Plus taught yoga sculpt

Thursday: Bike 1 Hour: Did: bike to work (totaled 1 hour)

Friday: Run 20, Bike 1 hour, Run 30 did: nothing.

Saturday: Rest. Did: bike 1 hour plus 1 hour of yoga.

Sunday: Bike 1.5 hour: Did: bike 40 minutes and walk 1 hour.

So I missed the run-bike-run workout on Thursday, but other than that I think I did a pretty good job! My running is super slow. I’m basically doing the Galloway Method of run 4 minutes walk 1 minute and repeat on every run. My body responds a lot better to it! I’ve had some hip pain and have tried to roll it out with the foam roller, but it seems to far in my hip to work. So if anyone has suggestions on how to treat a hip, please let me know!

These week I’m doing good so far…

Monday: run 50 minutes. Did: taught sculpt in the morning, ran about 30 in the evening.

Tuesday: rest. Did: plus walked for about 1 hour, about 3 miles.

Wednesday: Run 40 minutes.

Thursday: Run 20 – Bike 1 hour – run 30. I really really want to get this workout in.

Friday: rest (I have a wedding)

Saturday: Bike 1 Hour (we’ll see if this happens)

Sunday: Bike 1.5 hour (this is another workout I really hope happens). If anyone in Aitkin wants to join me on Sunday please let me know!!


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