Timeout Tuesday

I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about it on the blog before…but you know how some people hate Mondays? I hate Tuesdays. Monday everyone gets a free pass, “Its only Monday” or “We’re just catching up from the weekend.” But Tuesday? There is no excuse, you gotta get going and get stuff done.

However, I’m always stinking tired on Tuesdays. Tired from the weekend, tired from busting my butt on Monday, and now its Tuesday and I didn’t sleep well, and my body has been sore the last couple days. (If anyone wants to come over and give me a massage, I’ll quit being cranky and be nice to you, I promise!)

I planned on blogging an update on my Irongirl Training, but forgot my calendar at home. (I’m currently at work).

And here’s the awful pile of work I need to get through. I drank one cup of coffee, and am now moving onto water, but I think there might be an additional cup of coffee coming my way today.

What do you do when you’re cranky?



  1. I use coffee a lot when I am extra tired! That’s what it’s there for. 🙂 Hope Tuesday wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be. .. and by now, it’s almost over!!

  2. I am not good at getting decrankified. I get stuck in my head when I am cranky and that makes it worse. Sometimes I can tell myself to buck up and I get out of it but that is rare. Getting outside helps me when the kids I watch are making me go crazy. Perhaps a quick walk break would help?

  3. Ugh, that pile of paper does not look appealing at all! I usually try and count my blessings when I’m cranky or think of how I can help others. If i’m really cranky and can’t even do that, then I usually need a nap or chocolate lol

    1. Haha, I do what I can! While I was still at work I turned on Grey’s Anatomy and listened to the first episode of the first season. Once I was done with work I was able to get a walk in with a good friend, it really helped!!

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