Growing Up Weekend

This weekend I am seriously aware of how people can change. Friday night I spent time with my extended family and traveled down to St Paul to spend the weekend with one f my best friends from college (I’m even typing this on her iPad because my phone just died).

We started our Friday evening with some homemade beergarita and guacamole before getting into bed and watching part of The Bachelorette on Netflix.

Saturday morning we got up inked biked about 2 miles to a free corepower yoga class sponsored by lululemon. After four workout we stopped by the farmers market and did some light shopping. We biked back to her house in the rain, changed clothes and enjoyed a delicious egg bake she had prepped before I came into town. It was the perfect brunch before we ventured back intoSt Paul so we could do some more shopping on Geand Ave. She was in search of a new bag, and I needed a dress for a wedding next weekend. We both had great success!

In the afternoon we went back to her house to finish watching the movie we had started on Friday night and picked out a pwe’ve for dinner. It took a lot of blog reviews, menu looks and price discussion before we settled on Scusi.

We arrived at 7:30 as a party of three from best friends boyfriend was also with) and were told that it would be a 30 minute wait. we could sit at their bench and have a drink, or we could see what was available in the bar. We were lucky enough that a two top table was available and we were able to fit us all!

We started with the arancinni rolls (fried risotto) which was perfect for the rainy day as well as a bottle of wine. For our meals I had a mushroom pizza ( it was okay but wish I would have tried the artichoke pizza. Alex had the tortellini and Brandon went with the pepperoni pizza. We were pleasantly full and made a stop at Trader Joes for some dessert. The chocolate covered marshmellows were not as good as we had hopped. But the chocolate covered potato chips were delicious!

What really makes me realize that we are growing up is in college we were the epitomy of young, wild, and free. This weekend we were asleep about midnight each night. And in college weekends always meant staying up until at least two am. Hangovers and mid day naps were typical and workouts were scarce. We lived in the dorms when we met so no cooking was ever done. Now we love to share new recipes.

These changes have all come slowly, and we still get wild every now and then. But I am so glad I have friends who share my enthusiasm for biking to events, going out to eat and not getting out of control just because w don’t work the next day.

This weekend away was just what I needed to recharge my batteries and get away from the usual grind. I love my hometown, but taking weekends to visit friends in St. Paul (and Minneapolis) are so important.

Have your friends grown up with you? What activities do you still do together and what have you let fall to the wayside?


  1. I totally get this. I am in Iowa with my parents this weekend and last night was able to get drinks with an ex-boyfriend from high school who I hadn’t seen or talked to forever. I was amazed at how much we’d both grown up over the past 7 years. It also made me laugh because it made me realize how much I’d grown up “dating” wise, and although it was great to see him and I’m happy for him, i see now that we are both totally different people and personalities and there is no way we’d ever be together now. hahaha

    I also tend to notice this with my college roommates–there are 8 of us total and the past few times we’ve gone out, we’ve all been back and vegging out by midnight! haha

    1. How fun to meet up with an ex! Since I live in my hometown again I see mine pretty often, but its interesting to see who changes and when. There are people older than me who haven’t started slowing down yet, but there’s always those few who never do!

  2. ha, yes I feel like an old woman based on my sleeping schedule now, but truth be told I LOVE waking up early and having energy for the entire day. I think marathon training changed this a little more quickly for me in my 20’s than for others.

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