I ate it: The Boulder Taphouse

Question: does not taking a picture of my dinner make me a bad blogger?

I had a build your own burger from the Boulder Tap House (which is not in Colorado, but in Baxter, Minnesota.) I have been hearing rumors about a cheese curd burger, and saw that what was once Famous Daves was being changed….and all of a sudden, The Boulder Tap House was open! My friend Tracy and I decided to get together while she’s in town for the summer, and I was hoping she was down to join.

Dining in Brainerd/Baxter generally means you don’t need a reservation and won’t wait unless its a Friday night. We ate on Thursday night so I was shocked to see that not only were all the tables full, but it was at least a 20 minute wait for a table. Thankfully Tracy is adventurous and we grabbed 2 of the few bar seats still available.

If the name didn’t clue you in, the Boulder Tap House has 41 different tap beers available. We looked at the list, and saw that Flights were available for $10! I knew it was the way for me to go. I tried 2 IPAs, a cider beer, and another lighter one….. Here’s their list of beer available, but it looks like it hasn’t been updated for a while.

My build your own burger had american cheese, cheese curds, banana peppers, and burger co. sauce. I chose to have cajun fries on the side (but it just tasted like Lawrys season salt) next time I will try the Jalapeno fries to see how they compare!

I thought the cheese curds would make the meal extra over the top, but in reality, it tasted like extra cheese….I probably won’t add them next time.

Now I have another question for you….If you agree its bad blogging to do a restaurant review without a picture….Is it redeemed because neither of us pulled our phones out during the entire meal and/or 30 minute drive to dinner?

It was so refreshing to sit and talk and talk and not have a distraction, other than other people we knew coming up to say hello.

Have you had any good burgers recently? Do you like flights of beer, or do you just want a full sized glass of one drink?



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