Calling All: Minnesota Girls

When I first started blogging I followed 3 blogs (you can find their links on my blogroll). And the more I looked around on different blogs I realized there had to be other female bloggers in Minnesota. There was no way I was the only one, but I didn’t know how to find anyone. Slowly but surely a world opened up to me. And while right now I’m just looking at these women’s blogs and have yet to actually meet them, I know I’ll have a chance to meet some of them at the 2013 Healthy Living Summit!

Here’s a little list of everyone I could think of (in no particular order).  Beautifully NuttySota is SexyBombshell BeautyFiercely FetchingApartment WifeBeauty BetsKristy Runs KatoFinding a BalanceRunning For CupcakesOur Styled Suburban Life, Sellabit Mum, Fit Foodie Finds, Wild Ruffle, Pinch of Yum, MPLS Gossip GirlOlives ‘n Wine, and The Twenty-Somethings Table.

Now for those of you who don’t read many blogs, I encourage you to click over and see what these women have to say. Also, if you want to start following multiple blogs I really recommend Feedly. It has been  24 days since the death of Google Reader, and I’m not sorry to say that I already like feedly better!

Do you have a Minnesota Blog that I don’t have listed? Please share it with me!!



  1. on monday i just did a baltimore blogger meet-up! it was so fun. 🙂 i’ve heard good things about feedly. i need to try it, i use bloglovin and it’s okay..

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