Cloudy Catchup and Spinning!

Happy Sunday Everyone! I got an amazing 11 hours of sleep last night and woke up to rain, which means I’ve got time to get my computer and social media updated! I usually blog from work, so its nice to be on my macbook for the first time in a while.

I’m busy saving pictures I’ve taken on my phone and adding them to iphoto, and hope to send a bunch in to walgreens to get printed (I like to pretend that I’ll scrapbook all my race pictures…)

I’m also trying to limit anything where I have to raise my arms higher than my shoulders. Saturday morning I took a yoga sculpt class in Nisswa at the Minnesota Hockey Camp, and enjoyed being able to test out higher weights and moves that I haven’t incorporated into class, as well as singing along to the music because I wasn’t the one teaching the class! When class was over, there was a hot spin class waiting to take over the room. Usually the class is sold out, but they happened to have an open spot, so I grabbed my shoes and joined in!

I took my first spin class at the MN Hockey Camp on Tuesday with an instructor named Katie. I was nervous going in, but told her right away it was my first class and she helped set me up on the bike. I knew enough to bring my own towel and a big water bottle. We started spinning easily and after our warmup started doing intervals. At first I was afraid I was going to fall off the bike, and later into the class my knee started to hurt, which made me very nervous. When the spin portion of class was over we moved the bikes, and got out the yoga mats for a gentle cycle. It felt like a lot of Sun As, and I could have gone for more stretching, but the savasana felt amazing. Just what I needed after trying spin for the first time!

Saturday was my second class but with a different instructor, Carrie, so I was excited to see how I did with knowing a little of what was coming and seeing how I could keep up. I liked her warm up because we also warmed up our upper bodies a bit, raising one hand at a time with spinning as well as starting with 30 second intervals before getting into longer sections. Carrie’s class had some great music, which always makes me more comfortable in workout classes, I sang along to my favorite songs to keep me from thinking about how darn tired I already was from sculpt, and how I hadn’t had a sufficient breakfast.

I had to leave the room with 3 songs felt of class to get more water, even with a 32 oz waterbottle, it wasn’t enough, next time I will make sure I have two bottles ready to go for class!

Now before I share anymore of my Saturday, I’ve got to get some photos organized so I can share what else I did!

What do you like to do on rainy days? What are your tips for someone trying their first spin class?



  1. Finally catching up on reading after being on vaca and work craziness– you have been busy too girl! I’m glad you tried spinning– I think it all depends on the instructor for those classes, the more enthusiastic, the better!

    1. They are both definitely on my “wishlist” its a small class and I didn’t see anyone wearing padded shorts, although I think some woman had a padded cover on her bike seat.

      I really need to go to a bike shop so I can talk to them about shoes, and bikes as I currently have a mountain bike, and probably will upgrade within the next year.

      1. Cool! I went through that process last year and it was a lot of fun!

        Re: the padded shorts, I don’t know how people do it without! I’m pretty sure everyone at my spin studio wears them! 🙂

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