The Results are In!

…………………………………I’ve made a decision…………………………….              

I’m doing the Athelta Irongirl Duathlon!(and thank you Melanie for the discount code!)

While it didn’t get the most votes, I feel the most comfortable with the decision. I’ve got 10 solid weeks to train, and while it is the largest duathlon, I’ve been assured that my mountain bike won’t look too foolish.

Given that I know absolutely nothing about biking, I immediately googled “duathlon training plan” and was please with the first three links.

Racing Underground seems pretty basic.

Triradar seems more intense and triathlon based, which I’m not ready for yet.

And then I manged to find a race specific 12 week training plan from Irongirl! The crazy part is, I had already looked on the event website, and had found the not race specific Atheleta training plan, but did not find this link. Lesson learned: never underestimate the power of google. Just because you have the official website doesn’t mean you should stop searching!

Once I found the training plan, I typed it into an excel document so I could organize it a little better, and then realized that the schedule is a little more intense than I can probably keep up with. Especially since I am teaching 2 sculpt classes a week right now, and plan on adding a Friday morning class in September. However, I still like the basic outline. Hopefully I will track what I am actually accomplishing on this calendar and use the training plan as an inspiration to keep up with.

And I suppose I should get back to work now! I have to be perfectly honest, I plan on having training start on Monday, and tonight I plan on going to the County Fair!! Its all about moderation, right!??


  1. Oh my goodness, Katie, I knew you when you were just a kid and found this when I registered for a hot class next week as I will be in town for the amazing race event. I have been considering this du for a while being new to biking, and I think you’ve inspired, me to just buck up and do it. Maybe see you there.

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