Monday Moment: Book Club!

I’ll be the first to admit it, I hate assigned reading. If I could have a shopping spree at Barnes and Noble, I would gladly pick over 100 books and probably read them all within a few months. But if you give me a list of 100 books to read, it would take me 100 years to complete it.

That being said….With the long weekend coming up I know you need a fun read for the lake, and there’s nothing worse than starting a book on vacation and then not having enough time to finish it. So what you need to do is, check out my newest favorite series!

Bombshell Blogroll (The Bombshell Beauty Series) by Sara Bartlett. If you like books where the women are strong and naturally beautiful you will love this book. It starts with the main character (Elizabeth) going to a blogger event, and as the story unfolds you realize that even if you know nothing about blogging, the storyline is still for you.

The other good thing is, the book is available on Amazon for $0.99! Which means that you can easily afford to buy the second book in the series. Redirect (The Bombshell Beauty Series) by Sara Bartlett. This book will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who after college moved to a new town, especially if you moved there alone. This book is also at the reasonable price of $0.99.

So you really have no excuse not to read these books. If you haven’t downloaded the Kindle App yet, get on it! There are also free classics available.

What books are you going to be reading over the long weekend? Do you have the same “assigned reading” issues that I have?




    1. Re-commenting ha because I read these this weekend! Loved it. The blog part was especially fun. I can’t wait for book #3! I’m rooting for them but man Josh is acting like a douche.

      1. Yay!!! He is acting like a douche, but I feel like it makes the book a little more real. Guys aren’t always perfect and sometimes books make falling for a guy way too easy.

      1. Jumping in because I loved Gone Girl! It was one of those books where I literally had NO idea how it would work out. Not that I’m anything like a genius or super sleuth, but I feel like the limited amount of mysteries/thrillers I read, at some point in them I start to figure it out or get somewhat close to figuring it out but with Gone GIrl…I was totally clueless and riveted the whole long book! Plus the plot was pretty original ( to me at least ).

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