Race Recap: Grandma’s Marathon 2013 Part 2

Good morning! Here is Part 2 of my 2013 Grandma’s Marathon Story!

The race start was very cold and foggy, but I’ve started a lot of races feeling cold and have always ended with sunshine. I had no reason to think it wouldn’t happen again.

Early in the race I saw this sign…Breezy Point Two Harbors

I didn’t take the time to properly snap a picture (i was kind of busy..) but It says Breezy Point Resort…and a dear friend of mine that is getting married next weekend and is having her reception at the Breezy Point Resort..but not the same one! So I spent a little time thinking about her and her special day (which is only 5 sleeps away!)

I was impressed with the crowd support considering the weather. I was sad that the Scenic Cafe where I had dinner the night before was quiet, but I did take a quick picture!

The Scenic Cafe on Grandma's Marathon Course

And, if anyone tries to say that I would have finished faster if I hadn’t taken pictures..There’s no need my goals for the race were varied.

#1 I wanted to finish.

#2 I wanted a recordable time (under 7 hours).

#3 I wanted to finish in under 6 hours.

#4 I thought there was a slight chance I could get close to 5:30:00. In which case I would have felt like a total rockstar.

Around mile 9 I decided to use the bathroom (and lets be real, it was a port-a-potty). And at mile 12 it started raining. Remember, I was wearing a tank top, so I started getting goosebumps. Thankfully we were near the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon starting line, and I remembered Sharon, the pacer I spoke to before the race started encourage me to grab any gear that was laying on the road. So I moved to the side and started eyeing up the potential goods.

I selected a red sweatshirt from a pile and pulled it on. I then worked on unpinning my bib from my shirt and pinning it onto the waistband of my Speibelt. The sweatshirt was so big I was basically wearing a belted red dress, and cannot wait until the official photos come out so I can share the outfit with all of you!

The rain eventually let up and around mile 15 I could hear someone running behind me. I looked over my left shoulder and could barely see someone, I checked over my right shoulder and could see someone was behind me. But I couldn’t figure out how close they were, or what side they would pass me on. Eventually someone said, “don’t worry we’ll just go around” and suddenly I realized there had been 2 people running behind me. We settled into a pace somewhat together. And I learned that Dave and Joe were two gentlemen that have ran over 60 marathons each and practice the Galloway Method which is 4 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking. My pace was really struggling, so I told them I would be following them as best as I can.

Their pace was a little faster than mine, but the formula was very manageable. And I started realizing it was pretty similar to what Sharon was going to do for the 5:30:00 pace and maybe I could have done it. Or maybe I was in over my head. Basically I was seriously doubting myself and pretty much every decision I had made about this race. Then Dave asked me why I decided to do a marathon, and I almost started crying! But I held it together. Slowly but surely the miles passed. I received 3 packets of clifshots (similar to gu) at mile 17 and gratefully took one right away. I was low on my own fuel and had been getting nervous that I would run out and hit “the wall“. Somewhere around Mile 19 I took another bathroom break. And as we came into Duluth I slowly started pulling ahead of Dave and Joe….

Part 3 Coming Soon!


    1. The pacer encouraged me to do it at the start, and I didn’t need it at the time…but was so glad that the half marathon starts at the halfway point of the marathon, it was perfect to pick up!

  1. I can’t imagine running a race in the rain. But its been so hot and muggy maybe it was better than a sunny day. Can’t wait to hear about your finish! Congrats Marathoner!

    1. I wouldn’t have either, but the pacer made it sound so normal before we started, that I didn’t think twice about it once it started raining, I am so thankful I was near the half way point! Other people took the emergency tinfoil blankets and held them while running.

  2. Katie! So glad me and my wedding could “distract” your thoughts during your marathon! For better or for worse. I’m SO proud of you!! I can’t believe how much you’ve persevered through injury to accomplish this goal. YAY!! I can’t wait to have you be a part of my special day with Peter. 🙂 Let’s celebrate!

  3. Oh my goodness, what crazy weather! I can’t believe it was so empty where you were running, I’ve never done a race where there aren’t a ton of people (other runners) all around you!

    1. Yeah, it was weird being at the back of the pack in such a huge race. But it really drove home the “world class event / small town pride” that Grandmas Marathon has. Everyone was still so nice and positive!

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