On The Course!

Good Morning Everyone!! (I’m writing this Friday morning but it will be posted Saturday morning)

Its hard to believe the race is here, under trained and all, I’m still anxious to get out on the course and see what happens! There’s been talk of rain. I haven’t grabbed a garbage bag (I’ve heard they don’t do much good anyways).

I mentioned in a previous post (which I now can’t find..) that every year Grandma’s Marathon asks people to send in their story. Each year I’ve sent in “My Story” and have never heard of it being shared. This year I decided to share what I shared with them. With so many participants in 3 different race courses, I’m sure there are other stories out there that touch more heart strings, but here’s what I had to say!

My New Year’s Resolution in 2011 was to run 5 5ks. The William A Irivin 5k was one of those races. In 2012 I set my sights a little higher, and entered the lottery for the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon, and was accepted! Due to a work meeting I was gone the entire week before the race, actually flying into Duluth on Friday at 10:45 pm, thankfully I had no delays and was up and ready to race Saturday morning!

In October of 2012 I signed up for the marathon. I figured with the successful finish of the half marathon, I should keep going and see what my body can really do. I prided myself on getting outside for runs at least once if not twice a week this winter, while supplementing my training with yoga and weight lifting. Unfortunately my knee couldn’t quite keep up. I started feeling pain in the end of March. Half way through April I finally called the doctor.  I was cleared to run, but not at the level most training plans recommend. However I signed up for a marathon, and on June 22 I’m going to see if I can finish one. I may be the last person to cross that line, but I’ll get 26.2 somehow.

So look for me at the end of the race, even if I have tears in my eyes, they will be happy tears. Because sometimes you just have to sign up for something and  make it happen. I’m looking forward to Grandma’s Marathon 2013. If you would like to follow my training and the rest of my life, please look at my blog.

I set this to post at 6:45 am. Which is when I should be loading the shuttle to get to the race start! Its a 30 minute or so ride, so feel free to follow me on twitter for my in the moment thoughts!

Love you all! See you on the (hopefully) marathon finisher side!


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