Monday Moment: Single Digits to Marathon

Happy Monday! I went to take a quick moment to check in before I really buckle into work.

Friday night I attend my last “Losers Club” aka 90 minute sculpt workout at Minnesota Hockey Camp. I absolutely love taking Joleen’s class, but with her super busy workout schedule she needs her Friday nights off. Which means that post-marathon I’m going to have to find different times to make it over to Nisswa for classes. I really can’t wait to take some spin classes!

Saturday morning I got up and drove to Duluth. The morning was cool and a little overcast, I really really wish it had been race day because the weather would have been perfect! My friend Kayla and I drove up to Two Harbors and back. I had done a little research about the start line, and it sounds like we start in the back half of a car dealership, before taking off on Scenic Hwy 61. We noted the “hills” which don’t seem like hills when driving, but we knew while running they will seem much steeper. After we drove the course we headed to Duluth Run Co so she could pick up body glide. I looked into getting a Spiebelt, but they only had Nathan brand, and I am pretty sure I want to go with the Spiebelt since the pouch has a little elasticity. We spoke with the employees a little bit about the race, and I dreamed about triathlons looking at that gear.

We thought about going for a run but neither of us really felt up for it. Instead we walked up the hill to lunch and walked back, almost 3 miles round trip.

I headed straight back home to get dressed for a wedding reception. Where I resisted temptation and had 1 celebratory drink and 2 waters before leaving around midnight. It helped that another friend of mine who is running the marathon was working the banquet, and since she wasn’t imbibing I didn’t feel a desire either. I still made it on the dance floor for a few songs with my friends though!

Sunday was spent cleaning our deck and then celebrating Father’s Day and my brother’s 22nd birthday. My cousin and I took the paddle boards out and I stood for the majority of our little trip…and then fell in the water on the way back. You really have to focus on what you’re doing!

Last night I made my marathon playlist, 200 songs over 12.2 hours, obviously I won’t get to listen to them all, but I need that many options to keep me motivated. I still need to find my ipod shuffle, I somehow misplaced it….but I think if I give my room a good cleaning and organizing it should turn up.

I taught sculpt this morning and am feeling good! Now I just need to stay on top of my game today – Thursday, Friday I’ll work in the morning and then head up to Duluth!

And with that I’m off to work!




  1. You are going to have such a great race! I wouldn’t worry too much about the hills, its such a flat run, except for Lemon Drop Hill (which honestly I don’t even remember running up, so it couldn’t be that bad right?!) Best of luck! Oh, and you should share some of your playlist tunes– I need some new running songs!

  2. You are going to have a beautiful weekend for a marathon! I wouldn’t worry too much about the hills, its pretty flat except for Lemon Drop Hill. (Which honestly I don’t even remember running up so it couldn’t be that bad, right?!) You should share some of your new running tunes, I could use some new music!

  3. I have only run the 1/2 before but Lemon Drop hill isn’t as bad as everyone says. Have you run with a spibelt before? I keep going back and forth about getting one. I’m afraid it’ll bounce too much!

    1. I agree! Lemon Drop Hill isn’t all that bad (but, like Julia, I’ve only done the half 🙂

      I have a spibelt and it doesn’t bounce unless you cram it too full of stuff or awkward shaped stuff!

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