10 Days Until Grandma’s Marathon

It’s hard to believe I’m this close to race day. Part of me is getting nervous just trying to write this post, but I will share my weekend plans, in hopes that they will be a good set up for a successful race next weekend.

Friday night I’ll be going to the MN Hockey Camp to get a great 90 minute sculpt class. On Saturday morning I plan on driving to Duluth and meeting my friend Kayla. We’ll drive up to two harbors together so we can get a feel for the race course. The nice thing about Grandma’s is that the majority of the race is on Hwy 61 with a beautiful lake view. However, I still want to take the drive one more time so I have a feel for it.

After we drive I plan on parking at the Holiday Gas Station at the top of lemon drop hill. From there I plan on running to the Rose Garden and then following lake walk back to lemon drop. Hopefully my knees will be feeling good enough and I’ll be able to run up and down Lemon Drop 3 or 4 times. If my knees hurt at all, I’ll just walk back to my car.

Then I want to get lunch and run an errand or two before heading back to Aitkin. I’m going to a wedding dance Saturday evening and while that would usually mean a big party, I don’t plan on having many drinks. And hopefully will get home at a decent hour.

Sunday as long as its nice out I’ll take the paddle board out and maybe get a walk. Monday morning I’ll teach sculpt, Tuesday I’ll see what happens, Wednesday Sculpt, and then rest Thursday and Friday!

What do you do during a taper?


  1. Sounds like you have a good plan!

    I really dial back on my mileage during a taper and definitely don’t add anything new to my workout regimen. My body needs rest/recovery way more than getting in one last quality run!

  2. Try to enjoy this week. It can be weird though… for weeks you have been on a schedule and all of the sudden you have free time?!? You will do great and like you said if the hills give you any problem just stop running… no need to shread your knees the week before the race.

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