Restaurant Shout Out: Bachelorette Edition

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a bridal shower and bachelorette party for one of my dear friends. It was a long Saturday, but throughout the day I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful people we encountered.

The shower was with my high school girlfriends (one of whom is the bride-to-be) and our mothers. We’ve done a few weekend getaways together and since we’re all spread out around MN we decided to have a shower with just us. We decided to go to a restaurant since we would all be traveling and wanted to take the mess out of transporting food to a hotel room, or worrying about refrigeration. We ended up booking a reservation at Crave downtown which was the best decision possible! While Crave has always been packed when I’ve gone at night, at noon on a Saturday it was pretty much no-man’s land. Which meant we had excellent service! Our table of 12 started with some prosecco (aka Italian champagne) and after a lot of chatting and present opening we finally got around to ordering lunch.

I wasn’t quite sure what to get, the great thing about Crave is that they have a lot of variety on their menu, sushi, flatbreads, salads, sandwhiches, pasta, steak, just about anything you could want! I wanted sushi, but was afraid I’d be hungry afterwards, plus there was plenty of drinking for the bachelorette party in my future and didn’t want to be sick. I decided their Spicy Turkey BLT would be a safer choice. Which was absolutely wrong. When the meals came everything looked fresh and wonder, except for my plate. The only way I can describe it is “airport sandwich,” it was bad. When they set the plate in front of me I realized there was plain mayo on the sandwich not the spicy aioli that the menu said, then I realized there wasn’t the pepperjack cheese that also was supposed to be included. I ended up bringing it to the waiter and explaining the situation, they quickly switched it out for a caprese flatbread that was perfect! I was conflicted about sending it back, but the reality is Crave is a wonderful restaurant, they just happen to have one huge dud on their menu. Next time I will definitely ask the waiter a few more questions before I order something!

We left and got ready for the bachelorette party which was a “Roaring 20s” theme, and so much fun! A lot of us wore black dresses and they accessorized with long pearl necklaces and headbands with feathers. We may have looked a little out of place at our dinner spot…but we didn’t care! We had dinner at Cowboy Jacks and thanks to the wonderful maid on honor we had our own area reserved on the deck. It included a table with swings, a fire pit and 3 other high top tables. Perfect for a group of 17 to mingle, eat, drink and be merry! We had one waitress assigned to our group and she was awesome! She kept all of our orders on separate tabs and was super on top of everything as well as really nice.

The evening continued and the bride had a wonderful time. I don’t have pictures to post as I was more focused on spending time with friends, than writing this post, however I feel both restaurants really deserve a shout out for handling our group! I don’t plan events in the twin cities often, but these locations are worth a return visit!

Where do you like to go with a big group? Have you tried either of these restaurants? They both of multiple locations!


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