Monday Moment: Minneapolis (mini) Recap

Hello Friends! I have to dive into Monday work and End of the Month work, but thought I would take a quick moment to update everyone on how the Minneapolis Half Marathon went!

1. I had an amazing weekend! Shout out to the Westin Minneapolis for being amazing (as they always are).

2. The race was super organized and ran smoothly

3. I survived the race and taught Yoga Sculpt at 6:15 this morning!

Now I’ve got to get focused on work, a full recap is coming as well as possible separate posts focusing on 1. what i forgot to pack 2. the positive splits i had (and why positive splits are a bad thing in racing) 3. what the heck I’m doing until Grandma’s and/or my racing plan for Grandma’s.

The weather was beautiful in Minneapolis on Sunday, please tell me if you got outside and what you did!



  1. Looking forward to your recap- you are right, the weather on Sunday was phenomenal!!! I enjoyed the afternoon at Grand Old Day in St. Paul. Mmmm mini donuts!!

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