May 2013 Recap

Its hard to believe May is over, its also hard to believe I’m feeling so much better today than I did a month ago when writing my April recap!

Since I wrote that post I have started teaching Yoga Sculpt at Karmady Yoga and Fitness in Aitkin! It has been an amazing first month, and I don’t think I could have asked for a better community to start teaching in! Right now I teach Mondays at 6:15 am and Wednesdays starting next week at 5 pm (we had been doing 4 pm). I also teach random Saturdays, such as this Saturday!

It seems like May was consistently busy, but June is really going to put May to shame. I’ve got something planned every weekend, Ex: half marathon, bachelorette party, wedding, marathon, wedding). Uff da!

I’ve been posting like crazy this week with different race and running info and it will be interesting to see how much I am able to post next month. In April and most of May I did a great job of getting healthy eating and water drinking in, but I have a cold right now and my energy level just isn’t into the small daily tasks. So I’m hoping after this weekend I’ll be back into the healthy swing of things! Now that the weather is warmer I am eating more salads. Although last night I realized that plain spinach salad isn’t that good to me anymore. However, sauteed spinach is super easy way to pump up the nutrition in almost any meal.

Do you have an easy way to add nutrition to a meal?

How crazy is your June?

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  1. I like using coconut oil or adding almond butter to get in some healthy fats. I loved the sauteed spinach idea though! I do that with my scrambled eggs 🙂

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