Minneapolis Half Race Plan

In my focus of Grandma’s Marathon, I haven’t put much thought into the races leading up to June 22. Since I wasn’t healthy enough to run the Run for the Lakes Half, I searched and found the Minneapolis Half and signed up (sadly at the most expensive point…but nothing I could do about that).

All of a sudden its race week and I realize I have nothing prepared, which is funny because its the same distance as the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon and I planned that race down to a T, even with travel plans the week and night before the race.

So here’s the plan for race weekend!

SATURDAY- 7:00 AM up! drink coffee, eat toast.

8:30 AM teach Slow Flow Yoga

10:00 AM teach Yoga Sculpt (not recommended the day before a race, but I’ve got a job to do!)

12:00 PM shower and finish checklist (possibly eat lunch)

1:00 PM hit the road to the Twin Cities with race buddy Kayla!

(potentially stop at Nordstrom Rack at Maple Grove because I’m obsessed)

3:00 PM (ish) Pick up race buddy Megan!

4:00 PM check in to Hotel

5:00 PM walk to packet pickup

7:00 PM Dinner!

9:00 PM hot tub and/or tv watching in Hotel

10:00 PM bed!

SUNDAY- 5:00 AM Up! Make coffee and toast in hotel room.

5:15 walk to the shuttle, load shuttle, ride shuttle.

6:30 RACE START! (if it actually starts on time)

9:30ish I expect to finish, this race is about mileage not time, I plan on joining the 3:00 hour pace group.

10:00ish shuttle back and walk to the hotel.

11:00ish shower and check out of hotel by Noon.

I’m hoping the race will go smoothly and I’ll have energy for a few more slow miles after the race. And of course a post-race brunch somewhere!

Weather: The weather right now says that it will be partly cloudy and 10% chance of rain. So I’m not quite sure what clothing to wear. I plan on packing shorts, capris, a tank and a tee. Plus the usual post-race comfy clothes. (Sandals, clean capris, bra and tank as well as a sweatshirt).

Do you usually plan a lot for races? Or do you just show up the morning of and do your thing?


  1. It depends on how much I care about the race. If its a big deal to me I will plan everything out and lay out my clothes the day before. I have a half in June that I don’t care about (yet) so there is no thought going into that one. That’ll probably change but right now it looks like I might be running my first “for fun” race.

  2. I try to plan ahead but since I’m usually traveling anything goes. I always always eat the same thing… a power bar. It has the consistency of laughy taffy but it works well in my stomach!

    1. Wow! I haven’t eaten a power bar since my skiing days (in middle school). I look at them sometimes when I’m buying fuel and that laffy taffy texture does not appeal to me! But I’m glad it works for you! I wish I could find a bar that worked, but for now its all about toast for me!

    1. I will text you!! I know we get a free beer after the race, so if you’re really bored Sunday morning you can always join us over at the post-race party (which I have no idea where it is, but I bet the website has that info).

  3. I feel EXACTLY the same way! Last year I was counting down the days until Garry Bjorkland and stressing over everything and I’ve been treating the Mpls half as “just another race.”

  4. I like to have a plan or I can’t sleep well the night before ha but it sounds like you have a solid plan. I hope you have so much fun and that you’re able to get a couple more miles in to help you feel more confident for your next race. You’ll do great!

  5. Wow- you have quite the weekend planned! I think a trip to the Rack is essential…just think of the deals!! I used to be extremely planned out for races but as I’ve done more of them I just set my stuff out ahead of time and go to bed. Good luck this weekend!

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