4 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon

I cannot believe its almost here. I cannot believe I’ve barely trained, and I cannot believe I’ve already forgiven myself for it.

In April I was feeling like a loser. But now its May and I’m over it. I’m going to run a race, and see what happens. It might not be good, but thats okay. Either I’ll surprise myself or I’ll learn what DNF feels like. I submitted the “my story” 300 words to the folks over at Grandma’s Marathon today. It was my first time writing something where I specifically looked at how many words I had typed and edited down to make my story fit the parameters. I’m hoping it will be shared, but I’m not sure how many people respond. So if I don’t hear of anything, I plan on scheduling it to post at the race start time on June 22.

Until then, I’m going to keep doing the workouts I want, when I want. If anyone knows of someone in the Brainerd Lakes or Twin Cities area(s) who is a running coach, please pass their info along to me. I might be interested in something like that, but at this point want it to be someone I could meet and workout with a few times, not someone farther than 2-3 hours from me.


  1. I hope your story gets shared! That would be pretty cool 🙂

    There is a Facebook group — MN Running Wild that you could join and ask about the running coach thing. There’s a great wealth of information there!

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