The Beauty of a Small Town

Over the weekend a few friends and I started discussing “what is so great about a small town” it started with someone asking us “why do you live here?” We were all a little shocked and momentarily silenced. Um..we live here because this is where we’re from? Except for not everyone was born in the are, some had moved after getting married or for jobs. After the semi-rude person moved on we started being able to be honest about our answers and what we were feeling.

The first thing that was mentioned, although is a small point “there’s no traffic” if I end up being late for something due to “traffic” that means I either got stopped behind a bus, a tractor or a train. Seriously. Other than that, even in the summer the traffic isn’t that bad.

Then someone mentioned we have a sense of community. We can easily reach out to people and help one another. And its true, there are some people I only see 2-3 times a year, but each time I see them we’re friendly and have great discussions.

While at a baby shower on Sunday I also mentioned the conversation, and the girls there varied across 4 grades, yet we all had a great time catching up, some of them I hadn’t seen since I graduated high school. From there we started talking about our elementary school and all the changes that have taken place there. And I realized thats another wonderful thing, we have a similar background, and know a lot of history on people even if we don’t know them that well.

Which then leads into the fact that not everything about a small town is perfect. Unfortunately histories can exist, and aren’t always correct. What seemed like something innocent and youthful to you is misconstrued as immature to someone else.

There may be more negatives, but I think its how other people perceive things that makes me wonder if I’ll always live here. Or if I’ll make it back to a bigger city again. But until then, I’m choosing to embrace where I live.



    1. The grocery store is the one thing that gets me, if I’m having a bad day or just want to run in it drives me crazy to see people and have to chat forever, but its a little thing, and actually keeps me from running in for just treats!

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