Fitting in Fitango!

Remember this post? I’ve come along way in the last month. I did participate in Run to the Lakes, but I ended up doing the 10k and having a great race! My knee still isn’t 100% but I’m still planning on starting Grandma’s Marathon, and hope to finish, but don’t want to long-term damage. Which means the Twin Cities Marathon is still an option that I might sign up for!

Fitango has made a few changes since I first spoke with them, you can find their website here. I was given a free trial of their Twin Cities Marathon Actionplan, if you sign up today you’ll be right on schedule for their 21 Week Plan. I read a lot of different websites for running info, and get quite a few “daily tip” emails each day. What I like about Fitango is how straight forward they are!

Here’s a quote straight from My Daily Log “Today’s session simply involves walking or cross-training at a low intensity for around 20-30 minutes. Even though this session is quite easy, remember to thoroughly warm up and go through a rigorous stretching routine.” However, they then go on to give stretching tips and there’s a spot to record your workout and your thoughts.

You can share those thoughts on facebook, twitter, or with other people using the Fitango Actionplan.

If you’re trying to plan your workouts in advance, it is possible with their system!

fitango calendarSee that “Show Future Dates” on the bottom? Click there and you’re able to click on a calendar and select any date you like!

Fitango would be perfect for anyone looking for a low stress way to start marathon training! They give you small goals to work on each day, plus you have the option to contact an expert via webcam, chat, or email should you want to touch base with someone to discuss any roadblocks in your training plan.

So whats stopping you? Enter the code below for 25% off a Fitango Actionplan!

Code: 56702cb2

*I was not paid for this post, however I was given a free trial of the Twin Cities Actionplan. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! katielookingforward (at) gmail (dot) com


Also…I follow Fitango on Twitter, and happened to find this gem.

So not only can you save some money, but you might also win some money!



  1. Hello there —

    Thanks for the question! This particular plan was designed to make the Twin Cities Marathon as easy as possible, and includes lots of city-specific tips and instructions. However, we’ve made marathons for several cities, to spread the goodness around; currently, we have Actionplans for Chicago, New York, and Portland. And there’s always lots of racing and fitness info on our site, including one Actionplan that can help you run any marathon you can imagine! Our goal is to get as many people as possible engaged in their fitness routines, so we definitely don’t want to leave anybody out.



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