7 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon

Well I knew during the week I should have posted this update…but couldn’t find the time, or the words. But now I am ready!

Last weekend I attempted a run that just didn’t work. My body was still recovering from the Run for the Lakes 10k, and after 1 mile I was feeling a lot of pain. This week I didn’t run at all. Instead I took multiple yoga classes, taught 2 yoga sculpt classes, and took an Intro to Kick Boxing class. I could have found time to run, but didn’t.

This morning I made my coffee and at first pulled down a running coffee cup, then realized that coffee cup could only be used when getting ready for a run (i have weird rules in my life) and got a normal coffee cup. I drank my coffee, ate my toast, and realized this was a perfect pre-run breakfast, but I really didn’t want to run. It looked cold outside, I had no ambition. And I’ve lost my “what if I can’t run Grandma’s anxiety”.

Then I realized our plans for the weekend had changed, and I wouldn’t have a chance to go shopping with my mother or buy her coffee, lunch or dinner. Which had been my plan as a Mother’s Day gift. So I knew I had to go into town, and buy flowers for her. So I decided to dress for running. I figured I could do a 2 mile walking loop if nothing else.

I didn’t have any friends available for a walk. So I parked in the middle of town, walked .6 miles until I was on our running path, and started to jog. My rule was “stop when you’re in pain” and my goal was to hit 4 miles. So I ran, and went by the new extension to our running path, so I took it, and was amazed by how beautiful it was! (At some point this summer I’ll do a “what to do in Aitkin” post).

I ran through a few neighborhoods and hit the 4.6 mile mark on my garmin, which meant I had ran 4 miles without pain! And finished by walking .4 for a total of 5 miles in 1 hour. Not amazing, but good enough for someone who couldn’t run the entire month of April.

So here’s my new plan for Grandma’s.

May 18: Run 6

May 25: Run 8

June 2: Run 13 plus 5

June 8: Recover

June 15: Run 8 (or 6 or 10 depending on how my legs feel)

June 22: Grandma’s.

Yes its stupid. But I’ve already paid for Grandma’s so there is no reason to not attempt the 26.2. It won’t be pretty. I might not finish. But there’s not a whole lot I can do about it.

So I’m going to see what happens. And do what I want.

Tell me I’m crazy, or better yet, tell me something you’ve done that is even crazier.



    1. Thank you! Yes, my knee started bothering me in March, by April I went to the doctor and have taken it easy since. I’m still planning on attempting Grandmas but don’t expect it to be a great race.

  1. That’s pretty crazy, but you can always do a long run if you’re not feeling pain and enjoy all the crowds. If you feel pain then you just drop out, no biggie. I hope you do well though, I’m praying that you’ll heal!

  2. You’re bold and beautiful, Katie. And I love that you have a running mug rule– I always feel like I can’t go work out after drinking coffee– are you able to run right after or do you wait a while?

    1. Thanks Angel!! Before every “long run” and most Saturday mornings, I have a cup of coffee with some skim milk and a piece of toast. If I’m running I usually have peanut butter on the toast. I let the breakfast settle for maybe half an hour, go to the bathroom and then go out for a run. I don’t bring any fuel on my run unless it is more than 6 miles. Depending on the day I bring water with.

  3. I suggest lots of foam rolling to help loosen the muscles around your knee. And your right don’t do any crazy long run that would just make things worse. Be sure to run the race safely. You don’t want to end up with an injury that could sideline you for months after the race.

    1. Thank you! You’re right I don’t want this to be the only marathon I attempt, so that’s why I’m just taking it easy. Hopefully there will be another one in my future, with a stronger knee that can push it a little faster!

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