Sculpt Teacher Training Review!

I did it! I’m a certified Yoga Sculpt Teacher and my first class is Wednesday!! You can sign up for the class here.

Some people have asked me…what is Yoga Sculpt? According to the CorePower websiteA total body workout, CorePower Yoga Sculpt classes are set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group.  This class complements your regular yoga practice while boosting your metabolism and pushing your strength and flexibility to new heights.  Free weights are added to the CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) sequence, creating resistance and intensifying each pose.  Strength-training exercises such as squats, lunges, bicep and tricep curls are incorporated to build lean muscle mass. You will see visible results in your body.  It is recommended that you take at least one CorePower level 1 or 2 (C1 or C2) class before a Yoga Sculpt class.

Basically it’s a mix between yoga, aerobics, and bootcamp. But I promise its fun!!

I had some very brave friends come to our Beginner Guest Day, where each teacher in training taught 4 minutes of class, round robin style!

Beginner Guest Day Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training

Due to scheduling conflicts we weren’t quite sure what we would be teaching, but it all worked out in the end, and the students in the class had a tough workout!

We were told when we signed up, that earning a certificate wasn’t a given, we would have it work for it, and we were successful!

Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training Certificates

(Photo Courtsey of the CorePower MN- Suburbs facebook page, I’m in orange in the first row)

Now as for the actual training…I didn’t post as I was going because I wanted to get a clear thought process, and even needed to wait a week to figure out exactly how I wanted to share this information…

Here’s a homegrown info graphic for you!

Corepower Yoga Sculpt Infographic

The information they gave us before training started was very brief. You can see it on the  corepower website.

Going into the first training session I was pretty nervous. But everyone seemed very welcoming and relaxed. However once the instructors started discussing all the “requirements” I got confused….We were required to attended 5 sculpt classes and 5 C1 classes during the program. Which would be fine…if I didn’t live 2 hours away from the nearest studio!!! They do have online videos so I was able to meet the requirements, but the online videos are pretty bad, and I just wish they had mentioned the requirements before I had already paid and was in the room. The requirements they had mentioned were buying books: Journey into Power by Baron Baptiste, and an anatomy book. I bought Journey into Power, and paged through it but the reading was never assigned, so I never fully read it. During the weekend we had an anatomy review that I really enjoyed, but I like to start every sentence with “I’m not a doctor…” so that people know I’m speaking from personal experience.

Overall, the weekend was good, it was long, but we had lots of snack breaks and everyone was really nice! We started with talking through each part of the sculpt class individually. This included having someone be the teacher while two people were yoga models. Then we would partner up and practice, then we would round robin. It built off each piece, and was repetitive and reassuring.

Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training EP

(photo courtesy of the Corepower – MN Suburbs facebook page)

Then came the Thursday sessions….because I live up north I would leave work at 1:30 pm, drive to Eden Prairie, take a C1 class, take a Sculpt class, and then begin the 3 hour training session. I would get to my grandparents house at 10:30 pm and be exhausted.

My issue with the Thursday sessions is they were too high level. We weren’t able to dig deep as we did on the weekend. Instead we would briefly talk as a class, meet with our partners for a bit, then regroup and talk some more. And be done. I did have to miss the 4th session due to snow, and maybe that session would have made me feel more comfortable.

For an additional fee I can take an Extensions course, which will be 4 more 3 hour sessions, this time on Sunday nights instead of Thursday nights. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to take it in the future. The Extensions is required if you want to apply to teach at Corepower, but the studio I work at doesn’t require it. So for now I’m going to pass.

Interested in trying it for yourself? Click here for more information!

Overall: If you’re interested in teaching Yoga Sculpt, I would take the certification. But I would talk with the place you’re interested in teaching at. Different studios have different certifications, the training is expensive, and requires a time commitment. I absolutely loved the people I took the training with, even though we live far away, I’m hoping with facebook we will be able to keep in touch!



    1. Thank you!! I’m glad you liked reading it, it took a couple days to write, because I couldn’t figure out how to get all the information in there, and I really didn’t want to do 2 posts!

  1. That’s great! In college I was a workout instructor and had to take a lot of courses… they were sometimes very draining! I can’t even remember which ones I did. But your right try to take the ones offered at the studio you want to teach at.

    Thanks for the info on the races in your previous post BTW. very helpful 🙂

    1. Thanks! And thanks for reading my races post, let me know when you’ve signed for a MN race! You might want to look into Duluth/Superior races, if you want 2 races back to back in MN and WI.

  2. I’m about to embark on a week intensive training program at CPY starting this Sunday. Definitely looking forward to it. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. Joshua I hope you have a blast!!! PLEASE share your week long experience with me. I’ve looked at the week long chicago power training before and would love to do it someday. Make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks, lots of cozy/comfortable clothes, and an open mind. It is a lot to take in. Also, remember that we are all still learning, even those who have taught for years, there is still room to grow.

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