How Do You Do That? Race Registration

The more I get into running, the more races I hear about. But before I started running the only race that I knew of was a 5k in Brainerd, that people completed for Breast Cancer. Two summers in a row I heard of people doing the race, and I was always disappointed to hear that I had missed it. I didn’t know where these people were hearing about it, and I wanted in on the action!

When I set my 2011 New Years Resolution to do 5 – 5ks, I started learning how to research races. I’m not sure how I got to the Run for the Lakes website, but I was excited to sign up! The first thing I recommend is doing a basic google search. “Minnesota 5k race 2013” can get a lot of results! I like to start with

Northland Runner is a great resource for people outside of the metro. They usually have links for races that may not be as widely advertised. Anderson Race Management has a running series across Minnesota, I haven’t tried it yet, because it requires a lot more traveling than I usually do for races. (I prefer to stay with friends or drive from home the morning of the race).  is what I have used to register for races, so now I get a weekly email from them telling me what races are coming up locally and nationally. Its fun to dream of races that could be included in vacations, I haven’t done that yet, but hope to in the future!

There is also Road Race Runner which allows you to search by state and by distance, so you can find what you’re looking for! Running in the USA also can search for various distances, and time frames, which is helpful if you don’t want to hear about races during January when its usually too cold to run comfortably!

If you’re specifically looking for half marathons I would check out or the half distance tends to be more popular as its slightly (or more than) attainable compared to a full marathon.

When all else fails, type in the exact day and distance you would like to race, sometimes you get lucky! 

If you’re looking to get out there and start training for a race, I recommend registering! Once I’ve put money down on something, I tend to work harder on meeting the goal. Here’s a few options for later in the summer.

Gopher Badger Half Marathon, which starts in MN and ends in WI! Women Rock this is a great option if you have a few girlfriends who all want to train and race together! Mankato Marathon (and half, 10k, and 5k) despite living 10 miles from Mankato for 4 years I never went to this race. I wish I had, and may return some day and include a trip to Gustavus! Monster Dash is another Team Ortho production. I thought about doing it last year, but never signed up, we’ll see if a group of people are interested later the summer/fall. Finally, the Twin Cities Marathon Weekend is (in my mind) the pinnacle event for racers in Minnesota. They offer a full marathon, 10 miler (which is a lottery), 10k, and 5k. I currently have a Fitango training plan, but am not sure which race I’ll choose. I’m waiting to see how Grandma’s goes before I make any committments. Because the 10 miler is a lottery system, I may register for the lottery and then if I don’t win, I may switch to the full. Again, it depends on how Grandma’s goes. I would also be interested in the 10k, to see if I can break my time from last weekend!

What races are you thinking about for this summer/fall?



  1. I had a hard time figuring this out too. I had to email Hungry Runner girl (the first blog I found) and she told me about I’m now I’m hooked! I’m hoping to do 3 more halfs this summer and maybe a full!!

  2. I love the TC 10 mile! I’ve run it three years…it is a beautiful course, has great spectators, and great competition! I usually find my races using (for MN races). They don’t have everything but there are a ton on that site!

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