8 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon

Looking for week 9? Don’t look too hard…I somehow skipped a week!

In my 10 Weeks Until.. recap I talked about how I tried to defer the Run for the Lakes Half Marathon. It wasn’t allowed, but afterwards I decided to look into switching to the 10k. And I’m very happy to say that was accepted! You can read the race recap here.

Saturday I was busy with friends and was a little sore. Sunday I woke up and I’ve never had more pain in my quads! I put on target brand compression leggings (which don’t feel like much) and went for a 5ish mile walk with my mom. I was still in pain, so I decided to go to yoga. I made a lot of modifications, but the heat felt really nice. Monday was still in pain and went on a 2 mile run/walk as part of the Couch to 5k program hosted by Healthy Connections (herbalife). I was tight during it, but Tuesday morning I finally wasn’t in pain!

Wednesday I did a trial run of teaching my Yoga Sculpt class, and I was able to do the 90/90 lunges which I know I need to keep doing regularly to strength my muscles. This weekend I plan on attending a Yoga Sculpt class, and potentially doing another practice teaching session. And then next Wednesday I teach for real! You can sign up for the free classes all week, here! (make sure to follow the link).

My plan for the month of May is to take it easy, I don’t want to get hurt again! My hope is that by scaling back my mileage I’ll stay in the safe and healthy zone. I’m not quite sure how this will work in terms of the marathon. But I’ve decided to sign up for the Minneapolis Half Marathon through Team Ortho. I’m excited for the June 2 time frame, because I should be able to get a decent 10 miler in prior to the race, and on race day my friend Kayla and I are planning on running a few miles afterward to count as our long run.

Originally when I went into marathon training I assumed I would do 2 – 20 milers. But now that I was injured, I don’t want to risk it. So I’m going to take it easy. Maybe Grandma’s won’t be my only marathon this year….but I don’t want it to be my last race ever! So for now I’m taking the easy way out. Does anyone have experience on low mileage before trying a marathon? How bad of an idea is this??



  1. I want to take your yoga sculpt class! How cool.

    How low of mileage are you talking? I only did one 20 miler and I’m thinking I might only do one again this fall. But maybe do another 18 miler?

  2. Hey I found your blog through HRG- I love finding fellow MN runners! I’ve never run a marathon so I can’t help with the low mileage question. I’ve run the Minneapolis 1/2 before though; it was a fun race!

    1. Yay for MN! I’m glad to hear that you thought it was a fun race, I don’t have friends who have done it yet. What races are you doing this never ending winter? (Can you tell I’m super bitter about the weather?)

  3. I’ve also run the Minneapolis half. It was a nice, well-organized race. The only downside is that the course doubles back on itself (at least it did last year), so it’s not fun seeing everyone ahead of you, but it’s very scenic and fairly flat. I just ran the Lake Minnetonka Half yesterday and would definitely recommend it, even though it is a more challenging course. I did the Twin Cities 10-mile last year and hope to run the full this year. The 10-mile is definitely challenging (very hilly) but beautiful. Good luck training for Grandma’s!

    1. I’m pretty sure I saw that on the course map, and way to go on the Minnetonka half! I’m so glad that was Sunday and not Saturday! I’m also thinking about the full, so maybe we’ll be doing it together! Thank you!!

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