(early) April 2013 Recap

Happy Friday!!! I know its not the end of the month yet…but since its Friday I figured I would bend the rules and do my monthly recap today!

This has been a very trying month. I’ve worked out basically zero due to injury. I also have managed to lose a credit card, forget my drivers license on the way to the airport, blew a tire, and went in the ditch. Thankfully all of these situations were cleared up quickly.

Even though I’ve had a few bummers, I’ve also had a few blessings. Last night I received my Yoga Sculpt Certification! (review will hopefully be posted on Sunday). I was also blessed with a long weekend in Florida and a visit from a close friend. We were talking about races and it sounds like we’ll be training for the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon January 2015! It’s a race that is on my 30 by 30 List..

My final and biggest blessings are my family and friends. I am so thankful for them, and have really had to lean on them to help me out this past month.

With the 4 days left of the month I will be running (or attempting) a 10k, spending more time with friends and family, and on the 30th will turn 25! I think its only fitting that as I leave my “early” 20s behind its with a crazy stressful month. Because early 20s are crazy and stressful. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, trying to be an adult, while also having fun and occasionally being immature. I felt a lot of stress to be doing the right thing and am really starting to let that go. Last night I found a great article with this quote..

The thing is, fear is fake. It’s a feeling that you create.

And if I had to share anything with someone who is just graduating or making a change in their life, it would be that quote. If you’re experiencing fear, think about what creates the fear and how you can fight it. If you’re scared you’ll screw up, think about what you might screw up and how it could be done better, maybe more practicing, maybe letting go of the idea of perfection (something I’m still working on). Sometimes you just have to let go and let things happen. There are only so many things in your control.

So with this warmer weather we’re supposed to have in Minnesota this weekend, I say let go. enjoy. relax.

I know I will!


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